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In last week’s sketchblog post I showed a flower illustration from start to finish (click here if you missed it).  That one was done using Derwent Aquatone and Graphitint pencils.

This week I’ve done one using my new Inktense pencils (also by Derwent), to compare the difference.  I’ve not posted the photos from every stage of the drawing, but enough for you to see the progression of the piece.








Now let’s have a look at the two finished pieces side by side…

ss 14-07-2013

The Inktense is far more vibrant (as one would expect!), but I do like the subtle tones of the first one.  I’ll have to try this again with another medium next time, might be nice to build up a little collection of them 🙂

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It’s been one of those weeks which has seemingly flown by, yet I don’t seem to have got much done.  Hmm.  Still, here’s another flower illustration from start to finish (this one was a mixture of Derwent Graphitint and Aquatone pencils).

ss 07-07-2013_01

ss 07-07-2013_02

ss 07-07-2013_03

ss 07-07-2013_04

ss 07-07-2013_05


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As mentioned in my CPSH post, last month I treated myself to lots of new supplies.  These included three sets of Derwent pencils: Graphitint, Aquatone and their tinted charcoal.

derwent graphitint

derwent aquatone

derwent tinted charcoal

I’ve had good fun playing with them so far, and here’s an illustration of an allium from start to finish.

WIP 03-07-2013_01

WIP 03-07-2013_02

WIP 03-07-2013_03

WIP 03-07-2013_04

WIP 03-07-2013_05

WIP 03-07-2013_06

WIP 03-07-2013_07

I used a mixture of the tinted charcoal and the Aquatone, and they work well together.  I think I’d have liked the background to be a bit darker though so might attempt this again at a later date.

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Allium (schubertii?), in Noodler’s ink (Black Swan in English Roses).

ss 16-06-2013

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27th June 2012 – “Libertia grandiflora”

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21st June 2012 – “Rosa ‘Chevy Chase'”

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9th June 2012 – “Foxglove”

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8th June 2012 – “Geranium Ivy Tomke”

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1st June 2012 – “Allium”

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30th May 2012 – “Papaver orientale”

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