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…so here are some books that feature (reproduction postcards of) vintage advertisements.  My favourite is hands down (no pun intended) the gloves that come with a cigarette pocket.  One of my biggest bugbears is that women’s clothing rarely comes with useful pockets.  Usually the pockets on our clothes are too small to be of use or, worse, they’re FAKE pockets just added as a design feature.  Seriously, WTF?  We need pockets.  We need FUNCTIONAL pockets.  I have a whole rant on this subject but I’ll just leave you for now with what would probably be my slogan if I went campaigning: Pockets Against the Patriarchy!

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So it’s knitwear time!  I’ve knitted and crocheted quite a diverse range of items over the past few years, but in terms of things I could actually wear I’ve managed nothing more adventurous than scarves and shawls.  I’ve always fancied making mittens but always had The Fear of doing something that looked so complicated.  Over the past few months I’ve been thinking about it more and more, mainly because my knitting has improved considerably after knitting so much for my Beekeeper’s Quilt.

knitting and crochet mag

In mid-November my fella bought me a surprise – the magazine pictured above.  I’ve not tried Knitting & Crochet magazine before so it was a lovely gift, and there were quite a few patterns inside which I liked the look of including some fingerless mitts.  Of course I couldn’t wait and got stuck in straight away.

The pattern was very straightforward (they’re knitted flat and then sewn up), and it only took a couple of evenings to get the mitts finished.  I’m SO pleased with them!

fmitts 20-11-2013_01

fmitts 20-11-2013_02

The right mitt is ever so slightly tighter than the left mitt as I did that one second and was afraid that the yarn would run out, so my tension was greater – next time I will make sure I don’t knit so tightly (I should have trusted that the magazine would supply enough yarn for the pattern!).  I really like the style of the mitts, especially the cuffs, and I may well make another pair in colours that suit me better (blue isn’t really me, sadly), and I will definitely be trying out some other mitt patterns over the next couple of months!

fmitts 20-11-2013_03

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