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This week’s street art was collected by Matt when he visited and Leicester* earlier this year.  Lovely mural, and you know I’m sure he told me why it was there but right this moment I can’t remember!

street art_167_01

street art_167_02

street art_167_03

street art_167_04

street art_167_05

street art_167_06

street art_167_07


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A random selection of bits I spotted in central London back in April.  The chalk pavement art was pretty cool, but I think the colourful pigeons were my favourite.

street art_165_01

street art_165_02

street art_165_03

street art_165_04

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Another guest post from Kat!

Red Light District, Amsterdam. #nofuckingphotos campaign to protect sex workers

street art_164_01

street art_164_02

Near Red Light District:

street art_164_03

Dam Square:

street art_164_04

street art_164_05

street art_164_06

street art_164_07

Bulldog bar, famous coffee shop:

street art_164_08


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A quick one this week, spotted on a shop shutter.  West Hendon Broadway, NW9.

street art_163

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Guest post by the ever lovely Kat 🙂

These first two pieces are by Hayley Welsh as part of Blackburn is Open in 2015, who was born in Blackburn but now lives and works in Australia. https://www.hayleywelsh.com

street art_161_01

street art_161_02

Batman symbol on ‘It’s the Batcave!’ comic book shop.

street art_161_03

Textile art at Eanam Wharf. Blackburn was famed for its ‘4000 Holes’, made famous by a line in A Day in the Life by The Beatles, referring to potholes in the road.

street art_161_04

Penguin stencil on the Leeds – Liverpool canal.

street art_161_05

Work by Faunagraphic near Feilden Street, as part of Open Walls All Female Street Art Festival, founded and curated by Hayley Welsh, June 2016. http://www.faunagraphic.com/

street art_161_06

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So much street art, so little time.  I’ve got a huge folder of photos to get through so without further ado here’s some tile art from Little Venice, London W2.  I featured one piece of tile art in December (click here to see it) and I’m honestly not sure if these other tiles have been added since then, or if I simply missed them the first time round!

street art_160_01

street art_160_02

street art_160_03

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A little more art from Brixton, again courtesy of my friend Mark.  He’s cut the tag off the first one but I think it might be more from The Artful Dodger.  The second one is by Unify.



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