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I have a little holiday coming up (in fact I fly tomorrow!) and as a treat I got myself a nifty new bag.



It’s great, it turns from a shoulder bag into a rucksack with just an easy pull of the straps.  It’s also the perfect colour for me, I like the classic khaki and tan.  However I did want to put my own personal mark on it.  So I bought some patches.


I removed the logo patch that was already on the bag and then sewed these two beauties on.  It was a lot fiddlier than I had anticipated (I’ve never sewn a badge onto a bag before) because I didn’t want to go too far and sew the patch to the lining.  Got it done though, and I love how it looks.  The Hogwarts alumni patch was from eBay, and the Sunnydale High one from this seller on Etsy.


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This was actually what I was working on last Wednesday and Thursday and I shared a quick peek at it then totally forgot to publish a follow up when it was finished.

For your delectation: one niffler.  I really loved this little guy in Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them, so of course I had to paint him.  The painting will be available (unframed) in my Etsy shop very soon.









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I do have a habit of hoarding paper bags.  Mostly I use them for taking out my recycling (unimaginative, but practical) but occasionally they’re just too pretty to throw away.  I’ve made books from paper bags before but haven’t done any for ages, so I thought it was about time I reduced my stash a little.  These are now available in my Etsy shop.


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I enjoy all my commissions but some stand out from the crowd: this is one such.  Towards the end of 2015 I was contacted by a gentleman in the US who had been hunting for a ring box for an engagement ring and had finally stumbled upon my Harry Potter themed trinket boxes.  He was very interested and so was I!  He told me his plans, and bearing these in mind I put my thinking cap on.  The box itself was straightforward, being a standard trinket box but with the addition of the note seen above.  The slightly tricky bit was how to get the ring to stay put, as he’d be carrying the box in a backpack on a hike during the lead up to the proposal.


The solution turned out to be quite wonderfully simplistic in the end, an insert of acetate in which the ring could be lodged – thus giving the impression that it was floating above the quote.  As I don’t wear rings I had to improvise when making a mock up to show Chris.



Even with a Scrabble tile it worked well!  Chris was happy with this solution so I got his box made and sent off.  As I didn’t have his ring to hand, and getting a snug fit was imperative, I sent him a number of the acetates (already cut to size and folded to fit the box) so he could cut the ring slot himself. Photos of the finished box are below, and I’ve blurred out part of the address for obvious reasons of privacy.




I got the box made and sent in super quick time and then we were at the mercy of the postal service – and it was a very close call.  The box arrived just in time, and the proposal went ahead.  Chris has been kind enough to send me some of the photographs that were taken on the day so I could share their happy moment with all of you.


Look at her face!


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I’m usually pretty good at remembering where I photographed bits of street art (or, rather, I usually make notes as I go) but this time I didn’t.  I don’t go over to Camden very often, and in fact up until last month I’d not been there for a couple of years.  We decided to take the doglet on an outing though, his first trip to Camden, and it was a very exciting day out for him.  We walked there via the canal, then ambled around and ended up in a sort of food coma.  I took lots of photos, but mostly have no clue where they were taken!

street art_105_01

street art_105_02

street art_105_03

street art_105_04

street art_105_05

street art_105_06

street art_105_07

street art_105_08

street art_105_09

street art_105_10

street art_105_14

street art_105_13

street art_105_12

street art_105_11

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I’m still having fun working on my new designs for notecards.  This one came about because I wondered what adult wizards might drink if they had to be the designated driver.

WIP 02-12-2015_01

WIP 02-12-2015_02

WIP 02-12-2015_03

WIP 02-12-2015_04

WIP 02-12-2015_05

WIP 02-12-2015_06

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I made a start on this project, which is a set of designs for notecards, a few weeks ago and then got side tracked, mostly because I decided that rewatching all of the Harry Potter films would be helpful.  It was, but then again it wasn’t!  Still very much a work in progress (these are just my rough workings) but I hope to get these finished so they’re ready to be printed at the start of the new year.

WIP 25-12-2015_04

WIP 25-12-2015_03

WIP 25-12-2015_02

WIP 25-12-2015_01

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