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The now traditional holiday sketch diary, although this year it’s more diary than sketches.  For previous holiday sketch diaries see:  Summer Holiday 2010, Sunday Sketchblog #117, Sunday Sketchblog #137, Sunday Sketchblog #138, Sunday Sketchblog #144, and Sunday Sketchblog #151.

ss 01-10-2017_01

ss 01-10-2017_02

ss 01-10-2017_03

ss 01-10-2017_04

ss 01-10-2017_05

ss 01-10-2017_06

ss 01-10-2017_07

ss 01-10-2017_08

ss 01-10-2017_09

ss 01-10-2017_10

ss 01-10-2017_11

ss 01-10-2017_12

ss 01-10-2017_13

ss 01-10-2017_14

ss 01-10-2017_15

ss 01-10-2017_16



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Today we arrived back in London after our annual jaunt to Scotland. Here are the postcards I painted in Orkney, plus one special one from Yorkshire.

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I got back from my summer holiday a week ago, and as is now traditional I’d like to share my holiday sketch diary.  For previous holiday sketch diaries see:  Summer Holiday 2010, Sunday Sketchblog #117, Sunday Sketchblog #137, Sunday Sketchblog #138, and Sunday Sketchblog #144.





















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Following on from my previous sketchblog post, here’s the latest gem from autocorrect.  I was having a chat on Whatsapp with a friend about a week ago and this happened.

Me: He’s off on some lads holiday to Ibiza or venison or similar

Friend: I hear venison is lovely at this time of year

Me: ss 03-04-2016_01

So here we have Autocorrect #3 (available in my Etsy shop if anyone wants it!)

ss 03-04-2016_02

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Last weekend I went up to Inverness for a little holiday, and as is now my custom I kept a sketch diary.  Enjoy!  For previous Scottish holidays see Summer Holiday 2010, Sunday Sketchblog #117, Sunday Sketchblog #137, and Sunday Sketchblog #138.

ss 05-03-2016_01

ss 05-03-2016_02

ss 05-03-2016_03

ss 05-03-2016_04

ss 05-03-2016_05

ss 05-03-2016_06

ss 05-03-2016_07

ss 05-03-2016_08

ss 05-03-2016_09

ss 05-03-2016_10

ss 05-03-2016_11

ss 05-03-2016_12

ss 05-03-2016_13

ss 05-03-2016_14

ss 05-03-2016_15

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ss 22-12-2013_01

ss 22-12-2013_02

ss 22-12-2013_03

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I’ll start off with a list of those people who are taking part – please do visit their blogs and have a look at their entries for this month.  If they haven’t posted their photographs yet then please be patient and check again later!


I’ve been doing quite a lot of reading this month, specifically about sketching.  There’s something a bit voyeuristic about seeing pages from another person’s sketchbook, but it’s inspirational too.  My current read is An Illustrated Life by Danny Gregory (review to follow in due course).

Something I made

Bit of a late contender for this category, and I’ll be blogging about this item on Monday so check back then for more details!


One of the things I take enormous pleasure in, when the weather permits, is pottering around in my garden.  Not necessarily achieving anything in terms of weeding/pruning – more like giving things a good coat of looking at, with occasional breaks to sit and read, and a large cup of coffee to hand.


I was actually a bit stuck for this category, it’s a week too soon or I’d have loads of photos!  So I had a bit of an experiment with the different filters on the Vignette app and came up with this.  I like it, it makes me think of airport x-rays.

Motifs: Childhood

I sound like a stuck record but I do have real trouble throwing things away, which is why I still have (at the age of 31) my childhood bedding.  It hasn’t been used in twenty years, but I can’t bear to get rid of it and I’m sure some day I will turn it into something fabulous.

As usual I’ll be doing the rounds and will pick my favourites from the other blogger’s photos and will post them on here, but I’m going away for a few days so please check back towards the end of the week 🙂

What’s happening next month with the Crafty Photo Scavenger Hunt?  Sally over at Diario is our host for July, so please pop along to her blog tomorrow and see what topics she’s chosen.

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