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A special sketchblog post today.  This is a painting I gave to my friends Ginge and Ellie this weekend in celebration of their birthdays (turning a respective 50 and 40).  Ginge is a friend who shares my appreciation of street art and often sends me photos of the interesting pieces he spots.

Happy birthday you two!

ss 14-01-2018


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This is actually what I was working on last week, but in all the excitement of finishing a new piece I totally forgot to blog about it.  This illustration will be available as A6 greetings cards, in fact they’re back from the printers already but I haven’t got the cellophane sleeves yet so won’t be adding them to Etsy until next week!

One day I will have a go at making a time-lapse video, but for now you’ll just have to put up with lots of photos…

wip 24-02-2015_01

wip 24-02-2015_02

wip 24-02-2015_03

wip 24-02-2015_04

wip 24-02-2015_05

wip 24-02-2015_06

wip 24-02-2015_07

wip 24-02-2015_08

wip 24-02-2015_09

wip 24-02-2015_10

wip 24-02-2015_11

wip 24-02-2015_12


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I’m still having fun working on my new designs for notecards.  This one came about because I wondered what adult wizards might drink if they had to be the designated driver.

WIP 02-12-2015_01

WIP 02-12-2015_02

WIP 02-12-2015_03

WIP 02-12-2015_04

WIP 02-12-2015_05

WIP 02-12-2015_06

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My A-level art teacher always said I have the attention span of a butterfly, and really she was quite right. I got distracted from the other project I was trying to finish, so this is what’s been occupying me this week. Still not quite finished, but almost!




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ss 08-11-2015

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There’s always time for tea, and I make even more time for tea cups.  Pretty tea cups are one of my weaknesses, and last year I had a wonderful time painting some of my favourites (if you missed that blog post then click here to view it).

I had always intended to continue with my series of tea cup illustrations but, as ever, things somewhat got in the way.  I finally went back to them last month and although they’re not quite finished yet I thought I might as well pop some photos of the work in progress up here.






Still quite a bit of work to do on those but it’s nice to have finally picked up this project once more.  I hope to have them finished by the end of the summer.

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2014-07-09 09.57.15

I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since I first drew some minions, but apparently it has!  Although I made a start on adding colour to my original drawings I got distracted and the project lost impetus and was shelved.

I picked it up again this week and started again, with a larger version of the Marmite illustration this time as I thought it would probably be easier for me to add the colour (larger pictures are a bit more forgiving when you’ve got an unsteady hand!).  I’m much happier with this larger version and once it’s finished I will be adding it to my new Redbubble shop, so if you’re interested then keep an eye out for further updates very soon!

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