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big knit 2014_01

It’s that time of year again, or it was a few weeks ago at any rate.  My batch of hats was dutifully dropped off at Fruit Towers, and my dog brought the place to a crashing halt…

big knit 2014_04

big knit 2014_03

He’s such a tart and he adores the attention!  So, hats all done (for this year at least), and now I can concentrate on my own knitting and crochet projects 🙂

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You’re welcome!

In 2012 I took part in the Big Knit for the first time.  It was a very rewarding experience as I learned how to knit tiny hats, and also made a huge inroad into my stash of leftover yarn scraps.  I managed to knit a grand total of 60 hats, and got a tour of Fruit Towers when I went to drop them off.


Most of them were striped, but I’m hoping to branch out a bit more this year and be more adventurous!  Anyway, I dropped them off at the end of September and haven’t really thought about them since (although I did get excited when the hats started to appear on smoothie bottles at the supermarket in December).

Yesterday I got a lovely surprise in the post…

innocent thankyou

It’s got a standard printed thank you message in there, but as a nice personal touch there is a handwritten note about my hats in particular – which made me smile.  A big thumbs up to Innocent for taking the time to thank those who took part in the campaign, and I’m looking forward to making more hats this year!

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