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Some more Jane Austen note cards. Designed to be lower budget than the previous set, these are packaged in a pretty cardboard envelope (with distressed embossing). I have nine sets available and they’ll be added to my Etsy shop either tonight or tomorrow.


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They’re here!  I added them to my Etsy shop this lunchtime and four have already been sold, so grab one while you can!  Each set includes a pretty, handmade, book-style box, and five hand-embossed notecards (each featuring a quote from a different one of Austen’s novels).






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Almost there, just need to add the sets to my Etsy shop and then I’ll reveal them on here tomorrow!


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I’m still house-sitting but popped home today to pick up my post and couldn’t resist having a quick play now that my card blanks have arrived. Looks promising, I can’t wait to get stuck in properly next week! 

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I’m a bit frustrated at the moment because I started a project towards the end of last week, and now I’m house sitting for a fortnight so won’t be able to work on it again until I get home.  Maddening!

Since the start of the year I’ve been on a mission to use up the surplus supplies in my studio.  There are a lot.  I could almost open a shop selling paper and card, it’s ridiculous.  There’s only so much bookbinding I can do, and I’ve finally admitted that I’m unlikely ever to use up all my supplies that way.  So what else can I do to use them up?  That, readers, has been the question on my mind almost constantly this past month.

One of the things I have a lot of (apart from pretty paper) is thin card.  I can’t recall why I bought it, although I must have had a reason, but there’s quite a bit of it and I’ve been wanting to find a good use for it.  I made some book style storage boxes using thicker card (from repurposed shoe boxes) and loved the finished product, but they were very labour intensive and thus not a terribly good use of time.  However, I do really like boxes that look like books so it was only a matter of time before I thought of a good compromise.

Which brings us to last week.  I thought the problem with the last boxes I made was that they were too good.  The quality was high because the box was the product.  But what if the box was only the packaging?  Which is why I’ve set my little heart on making some sets of Jane Austen stationery.  Cards featuring quotes from the books, housed in a book-style box.  The box will be well crafted (of course) but not made from as sturdy card.  The sets will be pretty, and the box attractive enough to keep, and of course you get stationery inside which is always a good thing.

I made a prototype to work out the kinks, and it’s very promising.  I had a go at embossing the silhouette on the front and that went well, I just need to fine tune the embossing of fine text/script.  I also now know I need to adjust the measurements for the cover somewhat.  I’m looking forward to getting back to this in a couple of weeks!






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Not much going on in the studio at the moment in terms of bookbinding, but I’ve had some other projects on the go.  First up was a small crochet project that turned into an epic production line.  I’ll write about that separately (and possibly try and cobble together a pattern too) but basically I was making hats for babies, a child, and a grandmother.  Here’s my doglet looking mightily bemused at me perching a hat on him.

WIP 27-01-2016 2

I’ve also been a bit distracted by the reading challenge I set myself for this year – which is to read all of the classics on my bookshelves that I’ve not read previously.  To make it more challenging I’m reading them in the exact order they’re in on the shelf, so that I can’t just pick the ones I like the sound of (which would then leave me with all the ones I’m not keen on to plough through towards the end of the year).  It’s going well so far and I’ve read four, and to add a further challenge I’ve decided to illustrate my efforts.  The shelf I’m working through is stocked with £1 classics – cheap and functional paperbacks that I bought when I was in my teens.  They’re fine but they’re not the prettiest of books, so I’m changing the covers (well, the spines) for my illustration.  Here’s how it looks so far.

WIP 27-01-2016

The other thing I’m working on is new merchandise.  I’ve been having fun drawing and painting over the past couple of months and it’s about time I actually did something with my work so I’m looking into having a few of the designs printed as notecards, or even as notebooks (with lined pages for a change, as my handbound books are always blank).  It’s probably going to take me another month to decide which designs to go with, and then to get them ordered, but watch this space for updates!

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