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This is another ‘use it up’ project that I’m partway through. I’m mostly enjoying it, or I was until I hit a snag with a leaf.  More details to follow once it’s finished!

wednesday wip 15-03-2017


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wip 02-09-2015_01

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I haven’t done much in the way of drawing for a while, just the odd bit here and there.  I seem finally to have got my sketch groove back on, which is a lovely feeling.

ss 30-08-2015_01

ss 30-08-2015_02

ss 30-08-2015_03

ss 30-08-2015_04

ss 30-08-2015_05

ss 30-08-2015_06

ss 30-08-2015_07

ss 30-08-2015_08

ss 30-08-2015_09

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Still working on something with my pen and paints…


…and today I started knitting little hats again for The Big Knit…


…but I’m still finding time to relax too.


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big knit 2014_01

It’s that time of year again, or it was a few weeks ago at any rate.  My batch of hats was dutifully dropped off at Fruit Towers, and my dog brought the place to a crashing halt…

big knit 2014_04

big knit 2014_03

He’s such a tart and he adores the attention!  So, hats all done (for this year at least), and now I can concentrate on my own knitting and crochet projects 🙂

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evelyn needles_01

When I visited Edinburgh in September a friend very kindly gave me her late mother’s collection of knitting needles.  I was hugely touched, and also very excited as my own knitting needle collection is pretty small.  When I got back to London I sifted through them and quickly realised that I needed to sort out some kind of storage for the double pointed needles, as those are the type I use most often.

evelyn needles_02

evelyn needles_03

evelyn needles_04

The regular needles will, for now, continue to be stored in the whiskey jars.

I had a look around online to get an idea of what I ought to be doing and liked the look of this tutorial.  Now, accurate measurements are something that I don’t seem to do when it comes to projects involving fabric so I just went at this a bit like a bull in a china shop.  I kept it simple and used the fabric I had left over from the bag I made in September.  Given I didn’t measure properly it came out very well, I did have to undo it and make the seams smaller though as it was about half a centimetre too short for the tallest needles, but that wasn’t too much of a drama.




I love the clean lines of it, the utilitarian style is very me!

A couple of weeks later I decided to make another needle roll, this time for my Knitpro Nova needles which include both DPNs and circular needles.  I was feeling a bit braver so I decided to try out a more colourful combination of fabrics (I had bought the fox one that weekend, and was desperate to make something with it).

knitpro nova_01

knitpro nova_02

knitpro nova_03

knitpro nova_04

knitpro nova_05

Here are the two rolls side by side, you can see that the one for my Knitpro Nova is a lot smaller (which was another factor in using the fox and polka dot fabric – I didn’t need very much of either).


This has been a wonderful project for helping to build my confidence with the sewing machine, and I’ve ended up with two useful (and attractive) items.  A happy ending 🙂

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