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The mural that’s been in Bonchurch Road (W10) for years (click here to see the original) finally changed recently.  I’m a little on the fence, I was quite fond of the previous piece but this one is quite nice too – I especially like the little old lady with her shopping trolley.


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A selection from the Ladbroke Grove area.  The first set are at the junction of Ladbroke Grove and Lancaster Road (W10)


These are from the wasteground just off Meanwhile Gardens, near the base of Trellick Tower (W10).

street art_220_07street art_220_08street art_220_09street art_220_10street art_220_11street art_220_12street art_220_13street art_220_15street art_220_14street art_220_16

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Keeping it short and sweet with this piece that’s by the Sainsburys roundabout in Ladbroke Grove.

street art_185

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Cute little space invader mosaic, can be found outside The Dock Kitchen in Ladbroke Grove.

street art_129

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There’s a cluster of graffiti at the westmost end of Portobello Green market (near Ladbroke Grove station) and for the life of me I don’t know why I’ve never photographed it before.  I’m sure I have, but searching my blog isn’t turning anything up so here we go!

Various bits here.  My favourite is the minion, but there’s nice work by Angus, Jay Kaes, The Secret Society of Super Villain Artists, and some Fauntleroy Snooty too.

street art_127_01

street art_127_02

street art_127_03

street art_127_04

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What happens when good street art is obliterated by bad street art 😦   To see what this looked like previously (and it was glorious!), click here.  I doubt you’ll want to visit this now, but it’s Cambridge Gardens, W10.

street art_65

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This little gem is by iCon and it’s tucked away next to a garage in Malton Road, W10 (which I only found through playing Ingress).  Interestingly I’ve seen photos of this artwork in situ before and iCon’s logo has been present, so it would appear that someone has repainted the wall (covering over the logo) to freshen it up whilst being careful to leave the main images untouched.

street art_61

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