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Another ‘using it up’ project, this was a fun way to make use of leather scraps.  Embossed and then saddle stitched by hand, these can be used as keyrings or as large clip on tags/charms (depending on which way you attach the key chain part).  Available in my Etsy shop, click here to view.






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Every so often I’m seized by the urge to use up stuff that’s been lurking in my studio.  I go through phases of this because it usually takes a lot more effort to come up with projects for random bits and pieces than it does to work on regular stuff.  This little project was hit upon when I realised I had various decent-sized bits of leather kicking about, and also some spare cahier-style notebooks.  It was, for a change, actually a fairly quick thing to make – which means I’ll be making a couple more of these very soon once I’ve finished sifting through my leather stash.  The cover of this one is a gorgeous calfskin, and of course it’s refillable: the notebooks inside are from Hema but refills from Moleskine or Muji should fit just fine.

Available now in my Etsy shop.






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A few months ago a friend asked if I would make him a little wallet in which he could keep a deck of cards, a little notebook, and a pen.  It needed to be small but sturdy as he’d be carrying it around in his pocket most of the time.  It took me a while to get around to this project as I kept trying to think of the best way to do it, but in the end I just found a likely-looking piece of leather and got stuck in.


I chose a beautiful ochre leather which is wonderfully soft, and the whole caboodle was sewn by hand.  I had to redo the pen pocket as the fit was too tight and he couldn’t get the pen out.  So I unstitched it, cut a little bit off, then put it back together again.

The following photos were taken by my friend after he’d been using the pouch for a month or so, and you can see that the leather is already starting to develop a very pleasing patina.







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The start of this year has kept me quite busy with commissions (always a good thing!), and here’s the latest one.  A friend, who is an archer, asked me if I could make him a score book.  His specifications were that it should be waterproof, approximately A5 in size, contain score charts on each page, and that the club logo should be prominent on the front – leaving him at my mercy for the actual cover design…







There are, of course, cheaper materials to waterproof a book with, but I couldn’t resist this burgundy leather.  It’s hardwearing, waterproof, and gorgeous to boot.  The club logo has been covered with a clear plastic and set into the front cover, and the book contains 60 score sheets, which will hopefully last Andy some time!

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A little bit of structure from me, which makes a nice change, this post is a direct follow up to last week’s work in progress.  When last we left this project I had these books finished:


But wasn’t entirely sure what to do with them.  I had the vague idea of filling a box with them, but didn’t have enough of them to fill said box.

This is the box in question:


It’s a sturdy but plain box with a sliding lid, and it’s actually a bit of a sore point in this household.  Once upon a time we had a beautiful chess set: all the metal pieces were themed for Lord of the Rings, and it was a one-of-a-kind set that my father had owned for most of his life.  Now, I loved my dad, but he did have two major weaknesses – the pub, and the betting shop… you can see where this is going, right?  Yeah, at some unknown point my dad must have sold the set, probably for a fraction of its actual worth, because after he died we turned the house upside down and found only the box and no sign of the actual chess pieces.

It’s said that you shouldn’t speak ill of the dead, but I’ll be honest and admit that there was a fair amount of cursing when I realised the chess set was gone.  I’m still very cross about it but there’s absolutely nothing I can do to get them back, so I decided to try and use the box for something else and try and create a new memory with it.

Anyway, that’s the history of the box and how it ended up in my studio, and after much thinking and a a hell of a lot of work, here’s the finished project.




A grand total of 22 books: half of which are casebound…



…and the other half are simple longstitch bindings



That’s a total of 22 different leathers used in this project, including gloving leather, skiver (thin layer of sheepskin), goat leather, calf skin, and goodness knows what else!  One of the aims of the project was to use up as many of the scraps in my studio as possible, so all the leather has been saved from previous projects (or are samples that I’ve hoarded for years – some of those have been lurking around my house for over a decade!) and I’m hugely pleased to have finally used them for something interesting.  The Gocco prints were, as I mentioned last week, leftovers, so the only new thing is the paper I used for the pages as I did need to have some uniformity in there.

I’ll be adding this set to my Etsy shop in the next week, but I fear the postage cost might make this one a bit unfeasible for overseas customers as the box and contents weigh in at a whopping 1.7kg!

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A very quick peek today at what I’ve been working on in the studio this week…

More on those very soon, and in the meantime I’m seeing some friends for dinner this evening so I may use them as a focus group!

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A few months ago I was tracked down by a very determined man.  He’d received one of my notebooks from his fiancée, but as I’d not stamped my details in back he had to find me the hard way.  Top marks though, he did manage it, and once he’d found me he had a commission for me!

He wanted a special book made which he could fill with bits and bobs and then give to his bride-to-be as a wedding gift.  They have a shared love of games, so he decided he wanted some tiles from Carcassonne used on the cover.  It took two attempts to send the tiles to me (thanks to some unscrupulous so-and-so at Royal Mail who opened the first envelope…), but they did eventually arrive and the book was made.

Emily and Pete tied the knot this weekend just gone, so congratulations to them!

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