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The tile art down in Little Venice (Street Art #160)  has changed!

street art_199



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So much street art, so little time.  I’ve got a huge folder of photos to get through so without further ado here’s some tile art from Little Venice, London W2.  I featured one piece of tile art in December (click here to see it) and I’m honestly not sure if these other tiles have been added since then, or if I simply missed them the first time round!

street art_160_01

street art_160_02

street art_160_03

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Tiny tiled street art.  Spotted on the towpath at Little Venice, just as it goes under the road to become Paddington Basin (London, W2).



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This little guy is awfully cute.  He was found on the canal towpath between Little Venice and Meanwhile Gardens.

street art_31

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ss 31-08-2014_01

ss 31-08-2014_02

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I like buildings with character, which goes some way to explaining why I loathe and destest places like Westfield and newly built apartment blocks.  I love beautiful buildings, but it’s the small details that really speak to me.  I took this photo back in April…

It’s a close up of the front steps to a client’s house.  It’s a gorgeous house in Little Venice, Edwardian or Victorian (I’m not great at identifying periods!), but for me it’s this little detail that gives it character.  The stone steps, worn by the tread of ages, really brings hoome how much this building has seen.  The people who have lived their, the lives they led, the sheer weight of history.  If those steps could talk I wonder what they could tell us.  The house was renovated last year and the architect wanted to replace the steps with shiny new ones – thankfully my client said no!

Katy over at Creating Misericordia chose this week’s word.  It was a challenge thinking something up, so pop along to her blog to find out who else managed to play along.

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