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Aaaah, the joy of a new sketchbook!  Mostly dogs this week: my own lovely shiba, Loki, and some of his friends from the park.  Also a shout-out to Sam Garton and his Otter, who I absolutely adore.

ss 06-09-2015_01

ss 06-09-2015_02

ss 06-09-2015_03

ss 06-09-2015_04


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These are the last few pieces I saw in east London during Easter weekend, I’ve saved my favourite artist until last and given him a special edition all to himself.  Here’s some of the beautiful work of Paul Don Smith.

Brick Lane, E1.


Buxton Street, E1.  It’s such a shame that some idiot has tagged over the top of Heath Ledger.





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The urban fox graffiti is a well known phenomena in north west London (see here for more examples), and this particular one is quite near where I live.

street art_07-01

My dog, Loki, is a shiba inu and people often comment on how fox-like he looks.  Well, I couldn’t resist taking a photo of him with this graffiti.

street art_07-02

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Half finished, undated, sketch of Loki that I found lurking in one of my sketchbooks.  Best get that finished at some point!

ss 02-02-2014

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ss 01-12-2013

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