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2019-12-15 13.21.08

I’ve got my groove back and have been enjoying painting more local snapshots.  I have lots more of these planned, so follow me on Instagram to make sure you don’t miss any! These are all all original pieces of art in ink and watercolour, and the size is 3.5 x 4.25 inches (old Polaroid size).  They’re currently priced at £20 (plus postage) each, and are available via Instagram.  I’ll start adding them to my Etsy shop in the new year, but in the meantime send me a DM on Instagram if you’d like to snap one up.

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One of the presents I received for Yule was Stitch London, a book just bursting with fun London-centric knitting patterns.  There are lots that I want to try, but the first to hit my needles was Toerag the tube mouse…


I struggled at first as I don’t do very well juggling four DPNs, but once there were a greater number of stitches I found it much easier as the work balanced itself and I wasn’t constantly trying to stop needles from slipping out.  It took a few hours to make Toerag, and here’s how he turned out.


Loki wasn’t too impressed with him…


But at least didn’t try to eat him, so that was a win in my book.  I have a plan which involves making more tube mice… I’ll report back in a couple of months once I’ve set my plan in motion!


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Another busy week here, with work, the Ideal Home Christmas show, my best friend’s (fourth!) graduation, and getting rid of a piece of furniture which resulted in two days worth of sorting, tidying, binning and recycling stuff.  On the bright side I did get a chance to doodle in my sketchbook, once while enjoying a swift half before the aforementioned graduation, and again on the tube home.

Last Sunday Jenna had a great sketch of some kiwi fruit – pop over to Timballoo to see what she’s been up to (or eating!) this week.

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I returned to the pen and ink drawings over Wednesday and Thursday evening, and I’m glad that I did.  I think the sepia ink works better with a more simple style.  Just the outlines have been inked in, and (to my eyes at least!) I think it looks good:

Here’s the first version I did on Tuesday:

See, I do think the simple version works better, what do you think?  I also had a go at a view of the London Underground:

I haven’t a clue what I’m going to do with these yet.  So far they’re just experiments so I may do a few more and then decide whether they’re good enough to do some print of…

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Matt left for his sponsored cycle ride (Vietnam to Cambodia) on Thursday, so I took the opportunity to fill up the last two pages of my book with sketches done at the airport and on the tube.

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I haven’t done many sketches of people this past year, so I thought I would try some more quick sketches on my way to and from the football today. My favourite is the lady on the bottom left.

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Some very quick sketches done on the way to the football this evening. You might be pleased to know that the legs with the heels don’t belong to the guy with the beanie hat – it was just unfortunate placement on the page!

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