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Some street art I spotted myself, which makes a bit of a change!  This selection was all found en route from my house in west London to Brick Lane (where I was heading for beigels).

street art_180_01

street art_180_02

street art_180_03

street art_180_04

street art_180_05

street art_180_06

street art_180_07


street art_180_08

street art_180_09


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It’s been a while since I last did a special edition, and this one is going out because I’ve got regular street art posts scheduled right through to November and I think this one should be seen sooner!  A new Nomadic Garden sprang up in Claremont Road, Queens Park (London, W10) earlier this year and if you’re nearby you should pop in and check it out.  I had a quick peek in July and the garden was already starting to take shape.  I love these projects that make good use of areas that are waiting for redevelopment, it’s wonderful to see something beautiful and/or practical going on instead of just a fenced off bare site.  Visit their Facebook page to learn more.










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Some more Tooting street art from Mark.  That sentence reads quite oddly if you’re a Brit (do any other countries use ‘toot’ as a euphemism for breaking wind?) but I’m leaving it there anyway!

street art_176_01

street art_176_02

street art_176_03

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A quickie this week, this one is just near the fish on the canal towpath by the ha’penny steps (Harrow Road, W9).

street art_175

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Another nice selection of street art spotted by my friend Mark.  This little lot was found in Tooting (I love the first one).

street art_174_01

street art_174_02

street art_174_03

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A few bits and pieces I picked up on the canal while walking from Kings Cross to Camden.

street art_173_01

street art_173_02

street art_173_03

street art_173_04

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Been meaning to capture this mural for, quite literally, years.  Finally remembered so here it is!  It’s located just opposite Our Lady of Lourdes church, Harrow Road (W9), and I can’t make head nor tail of the url that’s at the top left so if you can work it out then please comment and let me know.

street art_172

street art_172_02

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