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Something a little different this week.  Odd street boards have been popping up in the front gardens of houses in the NW10/W10 area of London.  First one was seen in College Road, and the other in Kilburn Lane.

street art_162_01

street art_162_02

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So much street art, so little time.  I’ve got a huge folder of photos to get through so without further ado here’s some tile art from Little Venice, London W2.  I featured one piece of tile art in December (click here to see it) and I’m honestly not sure if these other tiles have been added since then, or if I simply missed them the first time round!

street art_160_01

street art_160_02

street art_160_03

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A little more art from Brixton, again courtesy of my friend Mark.  He’s cut the tag off the first one but I think it might be more from The Artful Dodger.  The second one is by Unify.



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A nice colourful shop shutter spotted on West Hendon Broadway (NW9).


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Some absolutely stunning work here by The Artful Dodger, spotted in Brixton by my friend Mark back in February.  To learn more about Black Poppy Rose click here.



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I very nearly walked straight past these when I went over Lord Hills Bridge (by Royal Oak Station, W2) back in February.  They’re so subtle, but I love the sketchy nature of them.






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It’s Queens Park station graffiti time again!  To see the previous incarnation click here.  This piece by Binty Bint appeared at the end of January.


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