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I have something a little frivolous to show off today.  My garden is full of various odds and sods, some tasteful and some quirky – one of which was a little sign which read “Keep Off the Dirigible Plums” – a nod to my love of the Potterverse.  On Monday I lost my balance when pottering around (no pun intended), fell on the sign and snapped it.  Oops.

So yesterday I thought I would replace it.  I started off with a sign I inherited from Lush in Carnaby Street when they closed down:

WIP 20-02-2013_01

I have a few of these, which I’ve hoarded for years in the hopes they’d come in useful… but apart from making the last dirigible plums sign they haven’t.  Anyway, it’s been a while since I made the first one, which I vaguely remembered painting with white acrylic, so I got out the paint and made a start…

WIP 20-02-2013_02

… and then added another coat…

WIP 20-02-2013_03

…. and then added more coats of paint than I care to remember, until I ended up with this.

WIP 20-02-2013_04

At last, a nice blank canvas!

WIP 20-02-2013_05

It took ages, but I do finally have a replacement for the one I broke.  I must say there were probably more productive ways I could have spent the afternoon, but I’m ridiculously pleased to have finished this mini project.


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