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…bridesmaids.  This is something I learned recently when I was asked if I would make notebooks as gifts from a bride to her bridesmaids.  Sure, I said, no problem.  How many bridesmaids?


I can’t lie, that threw me a bit, but in the end it turned out to be terrific fun because I got to design nine different notebooks.  The bride wrote down a few words about each woman, and off I went to select papers and binding styles.


An eclectic mix, let’s show off each notebook individually so you can have a proper look.  Although it was occasionally challenging to find the right paper for each cover, it was very satisfying to rummage through my studio trying to find ‘the one’.  Even more so to then decide which binding style would be best, and of course the question of thread, and inner lining – oh the choices!  These books have been made using everything from scrapbook paper through to a repurposed paper carrier bag, and some of the vintage linen thread is older than I am!  I hope that the bridesmaids like them as much as the bride and I do 🙂










Here they are all wrapped up and waiting to go.



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I’ve had some unusual commissions in the past, and this was definitely one of them!  Fun to do, but I imagine it wouldn’t be to everyone’s taste.  I have made a lot of trinket boxes (like this one) and I’ve done them on a variety of themes: Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, romantic ones for anniversaries, and even a tiny one for use as the ring box at a wedding.  This was the first time I’d been asked to do one with a more sinister theme.  The box was to be addressed to Special Agent Clarice Starling, and the back of the box was to bear Hannibal Lecter’s signature.  This is another commission I never got around to blogging (way back in June 2009), and sadly the photos aren’t great quality (I used to have a really terrible camera!) but here it is:




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A couple of weeks ago a friend asked if I would be interested in a special project:

Basically on the 1st of December they awake to a stocking with 25 small presents in it to count down to christmas (small C as we’re not Christian). At the moment they believe that the fairies have taken their letters to Santa through the fairy door in Phoebe’s room and that the fairies put the small presents in the stocking for them. I’ll get some pictures of their letters later. I found one Tobi did too.  Was thinking letters from Santa could go in the stockings to be found with their gifts.

Would I be interested?  Absolutely!  I’m not a very festive person myself, but I love things that capture the imagination, and I have a soft spot for Di’s two kids.

Di provided me with photos of the childrens’ letters, and some information about them such as some of the secret things the fairies might have seen them do (reading to each other, and playing schools with their plush animals), and also letting me know what they were likely to actually get from their list.  Phoebe, for instance, would be getting one item for her birthday in November, so Santa wouldn’t need to bring it.

I was abuzz with ideas, and for a while the prevailing one was to put lots of stamps, and a faux north pole postmark on the envelopes… but another idea came creeping to the fore, and in the end that was the one I went with.

My own personal style tends towards the simple but elegant.  The first idea would have worked, and looked great, but it wasn’t quite right.  It was too…busy.  Santa, after all, has plenty of other things to be getting on with at this time of year.  The finished letters are hand written on parchment type paper in black ink, using a cursive script that’s reminiscent of your grandfather’s handwriting.  The envelopes are hand made, bear nothing other than the child’s name on the front, and are sealed with red wax using a snowflake seal.

Simple, timeless, elegant.  Also, I hope, convincing enough for the kids!










I have also sent Di some self-adhesive silver wax seals (with the same snowflake design) which she can use on some of their presents, to help add to the effect.

This has been such a great project to work on that I wish I had more!  If you’re interested in a letter from Santa (or Father Christmas, depending on your child’s beliefs) then please do contact me.

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