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paint tin_04

A couple of years ago I blogged about downsizing my sketching kit to make it easier to carry around in my bag.  Click here to see the original post.

I mentioned at the time that my new paint box weighed an awful lot more than I had expected.  I fully intended to create a more lightweight version and I did… I just didn’t expect it would take me two years to get around to it!

I came across a little mint tin that seemed the perfect size.

paint tin_05

Let’s just take a moment to compare it to my current paintbox.

paint tin_03

So I had a think about how I was going to create the paint wells this time and after a bit of pondering inspiration struck.  Sugru.

paint tin_01

If you haven’t heard of Sugru before then click here to visit their website.  I was introduced to it by a friend, who also gave me the two sachets you see in that photograph (thanks Josh!).  I mixed the two packs together and then created little wells for the paint.

paint tin_06

The Sugru takes 24 hours to cure, so while I was waiting for that to set I painted the inside of the lid with enamel paint to make a mixing palette.

paint tin_07

Then it was just a matter of squeezing some watercolour paint in, and voila!

paint tin_08

It’s tiny, and wonderfully light, and I love it.  My entire sketching kit has shrunk quite a bit over the past few years as I’ve also switched to using a smaller sketchbook.

paint tin_09

Will I make myself another paintbox?  Quite probably, and I still intend to make one using an eyeshadow palette at some point but there’s no rush.  For now this one is the perfect size for carrying in my pocket, and it’s ready just in time to be used on my holiday!

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