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Another miniature painting that’s available in my Etsy shop.  This is my favourite so far, mainly because this is a painting of my all time favourite snack food.  I love these but they were discontinued a couple of years ago and so far I’ve not managed to find a replacement 😦


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I’ve not really painted anything for a while, unless you count my holiday sketchbook, but this week I got back into the saddle by starting an open-ended series of miniatures.





I’ve completed four so far, and they’re now in my Etsy shop.


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As regular readers will know, I hate seeing things go to waste.  So I have real difficulty in throwing away offcuts, or samples, or anything that is of a size that I might one day be able to use.

The amount of seemingly useless stuff I stash away is ridiculous, but every few months I sit down and dedicate some time to using it up.

Today was one of those days.  I really enjoyed it: it’s quite challenging trying to make things out of practically nothing.  I try to be good and not use any new materials at all, so I’m often left staring at a piece of paper and wondering what on earth in the pile of scraps might complement it.  It’s labour-intensive too.  The books are miniscule, but take as much time to make as a similar book of four or five times the size.

Aren’t they sweet?  The lip balm is, obviously, included to demonstrate just how small they are.  I’m fast running out of time before I leave for my holiday, but I’m hoping I might get a chance to make one or two more…

These will be added to my Etsy shop in May.

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