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Do you ever look at a piece of street art and wonder where the artist got their inspiration from?  I do, and recently I was able to actually ask the artist in question!

A while ago, back in 2016, I featured this cheerful piece by Sarkon that I had spotted in Brough Park, Leek.  I’m quite often in Leek, visiting family, and the mural makes me smile whenever I see it so I was delighted when the artist got in touch with me via my blog.  So I asked, what inspired the mouse?

Thats a damn good question from my little sister, she inspired that 100% just from a little girl she was obsessed with mice. As young children me and my big sister picked on her but no one else could, so as a little tribute I woke up one morning after racking my mind for ideas on characters, boom it hit me the mouse was born, now branching out into a badger, monkey and a panda.

What a sweet reason!  He has sent me a few photos and updates on other bits of street art he’s working on, so here’s a selection.


street art_203_02

street art_203_05

street art_203_04

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A colourful and cartoony offering from Brough Park (Leek, Staffordshire, ST13).


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So, no puppy sketches today – makes a change from recent weeks!  Instead I have two very quick doodles from my trip to The Other Art Fair on Friday.

ss 20-10-2013

A brick wall and a dead mouse.  Not hugely engaging subjects, but I love the way they look (particularly the mouse) – which just proves my theory that my work is best when it’s fast and loose, and that when I spend too long on a sketch I tend to squash the life out of it by concentrating too much on getting details right.

If you’re wondering about the dead mouse…well, check back here on Monday as I’ll be posting a full (and extremely graphic) explanation.  Be warned!

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