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Back in November I blogged about a pretty mural I’d spotted under the Marylebone flyover (click here to see the original post), but I’d been in a bit of a rush and thus didn’t have time to scope out the area to find out further information.  Thankfully my friend Mark also spotted it, and he was much more observant!  Photos courtesy of Mark McMahon, who’s turning out to be a brilliant collector of street art.

street art_171_01

street art_171_02

street art_171_03

street art_171_04

street art_171_05

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A nice selection of street art I collected on a walk through Camden back at the end of March.

street art_170_01

street art_170_02

street art_170_03

street art_170_04

street art_170_05

street art_170_06

street art_170_07

street art_170_08

street art_170_09

street art_170_10

street art_170_11

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Quickie from the canal towpath somewhere under the westway.  Here be dragons!

street art_169

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I’m a bit behind again and haven’t had a chance to give an update on the art next to Queens Park Station. Last I’d reported was back in March, and it actually changed hands just before I’d had a chance to share that piece by Binty Bint.

street art_168_01

However within about ten days it changed hands again and turned into a mural of Alice, painting the roses red.  Quite apt as it’s right next to a flower stall.  It’s been Alice ever since, and I’m a little curious to see who’ll step up and take charge of it next!

street art_168_02

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This week’s street art was collected by Matt when he visited and Leicester* earlier this year.  Lovely mural, and you know I’m sure he told me why it was there but right this moment I can’t remember!

street art_167_01

street art_167_02

street art_167_03

street art_167_04

street art_167_05

street art_167_06

street art_167_07


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I’ve been meaning to do this one for absolutely ages.  It’s along the first stretch (the Golborne Road end) of Portobello Road, W10.  The sketches are amazing so do click on the individual images to view a larger version.

street art_166_01

street art_166_09

street art_166_02

street art_166_03

street art_166_04

street art_166_05

street art_166_06

street art_166_07

street art_166_08

street art_166_10

street art_166_11

street art_166_12

street art_166_13

street art_166_14

street art_166_14

street art_166_15

street art_166_16

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A random selection of bits I spotted in central London back in April.  The chalk pavement art was pretty cool, but I think the colourful pigeons were my favourite.

street art_165_01

street art_165_02

street art_165_03

street art_165_04

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