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A quick one this week, spotted on a shop shutter.  West Hendon Broadway, NW9.

street art_163

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Guest post by the ever lovely Kat 🙂

These first two pieces are by Hayley Welsh as part of Blackburn is Open in 2015, who was born in Blackburn but now lives and works in Australia. https://www.hayleywelsh.com

street art_161_01

street art_161_02

Batman symbol on ‘It’s the Batcave!’ comic book shop.

street art_161_03

Textile art at Eanam Wharf. Blackburn was famed for its ‘4000 Holes’, made famous by a line in A Day in the Life by The Beatles, referring to potholes in the road.

street art_161_04

Penguin stencil on the Leeds – Liverpool canal.

street art_161_05

Work by Faunagraphic near Feilden Street, as part of Open Walls All Female Street Art Festival, founded and curated by Hayley Welsh, June 2016. http://www.faunagraphic.com/

street art_161_06

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A little more art from Brixton, again courtesy of my friend Mark.  He’s cut the tag off the first one but I think it might be more from The Artful Dodger.  The second one is by Unify.



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A nice colourful shop shutter spotted on West Hendon Broadway (NW9).


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Some absolutely stunning work here by The Artful Dodger, spotted in Brixton by my friend Mark back in February.  To learn more about Black Poppy Rose click here.



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I very nearly walked straight past these when I went over Lord Hills Bridge (by Royal Oak Station, W2) back in February.  They’re so subtle, but I love the sketchy nature of them.






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Today’s street art comes from an unusual source: my mother.  She’s travelled a lot in the past year but on her last holiday of 2016 she surprised me by coming home with photos of “gravity” (which is a great malapropism!).  She’s not a great photographer, and her memory is shocking so all I can say is that I think these were taken in Barcelona and/or Valencia.  Definitely somewhere in that neck of the Med anyway.  I love the cross-stitched ones (first and last photos), they’re such an unusual type of street art and I’m now sorely tempted to find a fence to cross stitch on!








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