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Street Art #202

I didn’t manage to spot much on a recent trip to Bath, but I did quite like the wee rat.  It really is tiny, and overhead on the side of a bridge over the river, so it was a total bugger to get a photo of!

street art_202_01

street art_202_02

street art_202_03


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Street Art #201

A little something I picked up in York in late December.

street art_201

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Street Art #200

If a friend comes home from their holiday and says they saw some street art and thought of me then I’m a happy woman!  The lovely Ana (who owns this gorgeous beast) went to Dublin for a day in early January and brought me some street art for my collection.

street art_200_01

street art_200_02

street art_200_03

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Street Art #198

One last lot from what I may have to call my vault of shame (photos that I carefully stored then forgot).  Arch took these in Cambridge early-ish last year.  The third one isn’t actually street art of any kind, obviously, but my dog’s name is Loki and he’s a smart cookie* so I love that she included it!

street art_198_01

street art_198_02

street art_198_03


*serious understatement; he’s a shiba, so it’s like living with a small furry velociraptor.


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Street Art #197

Yet more photos that were languishing on my PC (sorry Arch!).  Here we have a selection from Manchester.  Absolutely love that bird!

street art_197_01

street art_197_02

street art_197_03

street art_197_04

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Oh the shame of finding a folder of mislaid photos on my computer!  These were kindly taken for me by a friend (hi Daisy!) who visited Germany back in, er, July.  I am suitably red-faced, but still grateful for her photos.  Especially as some of them are fragments of the Berlin wall that have been preserved.

street art_196_01

street art_196_02

street art_196_03

street art_196_05

street art_196_06

street art_196_07

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Part two of my latest spoils from Croydon (click here to view part 1).  My favourite? Totally the squirrels – I love tile art!

street art_195_01

street art_195_02

street art_195_03

street art_195_05

street art_195_06

street art_195_04

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