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Ok, this isn’t really a proper part 2 (which I said I would write in January but never did get around to).  Part 1 is here if you missed it.  What this is, is a quick heads up that the first batch of eco-printed books are now available in my Etsy shop.  I added nine last night and one has been snapped up already so go and take a peek as each one is unique.


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My friend Jane has sent me street art before, and she always has excellent taste.  These are all from a visit she made to Sunderland at the start of December, and although it was a tough call I think the teacups are my favourite.












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This mural is subtle but really does brighten up the underside of the Marylebone flyover.  It covers the pillars/supports just at the junction with Edgware Road, near the tube station (NW1).



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Last summer I blogged about having made some painted butterflies…and then never got around to putting any in my shop.  I know, I’m useless.  Anyway, I have finally added the Purple Emperor to my Etsy shop, and if you’d prefer a different butterfly then let me know and I will see what I can do.

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ss 26-04-2015_01

ss 26-04-2015_02

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This time last week I went up to Kew Gardens for a quick peek at the Orchid Festival.  I’m not a huge fan of orchids in general, but there is something very decadent about seeing them en masse, and I like to keep my eyes peeled for the more unusual varieties.

ss 03-03-2013

If you live in or near London and want to visit Kew then it’s always worth a visit whatever the time of year, but you might be put off by the entrance fee as tickets cost £16 (£14 for concessions).  That is, without doubt, a lot of money to pay to wander around a garden, no matter how nice.  However, if you’re going with a friend, and you’ll be able to go back at least once more during the year, then becoming a Friend of Kew is a brilliant investment.  An individual membership costs £69 (£59 if you pay by Direct Debit), and that’s valid for one year and you can take one guest with you for free every time you visit – so if you go twice in one year, taking someone with you each time, you’ve already made a saving.  Just a little handy hint for you!

Thanks for stopping by, and please do visit Jenna and Hayley to see what they’ve been sketching this week.

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Last week my sketchbook was heaving with new drawings, and I had planned this week to continue that rush of creativity as a life drawing class has just started up down the road from me… but, as we all know, “the best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men gang aft a-gley” and I didn’t manage to make it to class.  So instead, and very appropriately given that quote, we have some quick sketches of a very unwelcome garden visitor…

ss 10-02-2013

The little sod has been living the high life on bird food which has fallen from the feeders – I got quite a shock when I looked out of my studio window and saw him there, merrily munching away!

More from me next week, and hopefully I’ll actually make it to class this time.  In the meantime go and see what Jenna and Hayley have got in their sketchbooks this week.

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29th May 2012 – “Well hello there!”

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8th May 2012 – “We can see you…”

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Frogs in amplexus, they’re on their way to some water where they’ll spawn.  The male doesn’t want the female going off with some other male so he clings on to her til they reach the water, and gets a free ride in the process (cheeky devil!).

21st March 2012 – “Sorry, was I interrupting?”

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