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A while back my friend Margot sent me a piece she’d spotted in Rotterdam (click here to see that one), but while tidying my files I found she’d also sent me this one!

street art_217

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Carrying on the colourful theme from last week, here’s a beautiful mural from Nijmegen, Netherlands.  Photograph courtesy of my friend Claire (a different Claire from last week!).

street art_216

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Stepping away from Glasgow this week and back to Leiden for some more pavement chalk art.  Photo courtesy of Susannah.

street art_117

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I love this piece of street poetry that was spotted in Leiden by my friend Susannah.

street art_110

Of course I don’t speak a word of Dutch so when I asked what it said, a non-Dutch friend of hers translated it as:

Once more I must puke / My maw swamp’d by alcopop / My life sucketh balls

Susannah’s response was

‘Mijn leven is kut’ literally means ‘My life is cunt(ish)’ so [his] translation is very impressive.

Street poetry, I’d love to find some more!

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