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I must admit that I’ve rather overstretched myself this week (turns out that blogging regularly is almost a full-time occupation, who knew?!) and thus come to Weekword a little lacking in inspiration.  Which, thankfully, made me think.

“Never judge a book by its cover” – that’s what we’re told, and it’s damn good advice because if I judged books by their covers I’d never have read some of my favourite novels.

Take this one, for instance.  Thornyhold by Mary Stewart.  At first glance it looks like just another run of the mill, insipid romance novel.  Chocolate box cover art, totally uninspiring.  There is romance in this book, but it’s interwoven very skillfully with a tale of magical realism.  It’s actually rather fab, and although I can’t think what sort of cover art would do it justice, it’s certain that the current cover falls short.

One of my other favourites is The Spellkey Trilogy by Ann Downer (I actually have two copies of this, one copy of the original first part, and a copy of the complete trilogy).

I adore The Spellkey, but the cover art is dreadful and does the book(s) no favours whatsoever.  These books have been a source of inspiration for years (so much so that I ended up with a commission from the author!), and it’s a tragedy that the covers don’t reflect the genius within.

So there we go.  Two of my favourite novels, and a very rambling post!

Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog for this week’s Weekword.  Don’t forget to pop by and see all the other participants too!

I’m nominating Sally at Sow & Sew to pick the next word (sorry Sally!), so please visit her blog on Monday to find out what the next word is.

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Get your thinking caps on folks!  What’ll it be?  Novel as in new, or novel as in your favourite book?  Surprise us!

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If you’re new to Weekword it’s a simple concept.  A word is chosen each Monday and all you have to do is publish a blog post about that word.  It could be a photo or drawing inspired by the word, some poetry or prose, absolutely anything.

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