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Actually these are from last week, but let’s not be picky eh?  I’m still slowly trying to slimline my studio and struggling because I can’t bear to just throw things out, so it leads to quite a bit of head-scratching to come up with creative ways to use things.  I thought that these saddle-stitched exercise books were a good way to use up three things: some coloured paper that’s been languishing on a shelf for years, some book cloth that I’ve always struggled to team with anything (the blue, the orange is actually offcuts from some previous books), and old ordnance survey maps (of which I have, er, quite a few).  They turned out beautifully: deceptively simple on the outside, but interestingly colourful within.

I won’t be adding these to my Etsy shop until next month, but if you’d like to reserve any of them then let me know.  The A5 blue ones will be available in two sets of three, and the A7 orange ones in a single set of four.

wip 24-01-2018_01

wip 24-01-2018_02

wip 24-01-2018_03

wip 24-01-2018_04

wip 24-01-2018_05

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A lovely little commission for a gorgeous wee lass.  The covers are made using an old ordnance survey map of the Barnstaple area – with Lundy Island given pride of place, as that’s where the couple got engaged.


It was a really nice book to work on, but one thing I did discover was that my desk is not really big enough for some things…


…yeah, I did struggle a bit there, but got there in the end and the finished result was well worth the swearing!







The names of the bride and groom, together with the wedding date, were added to the front of the book by hand (imitating the fonts which were used on the invitations).  The book measures approximately 21cm x 15cm, and contains 36 pages (72 sides) of 220gsm cartridge paper; the coptic binding has been done using 100% linen thread.

I still have quite a lot of the map left over, so there may yet be a second installment to this post!

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It’s been quite a while since my last boot sale bargains post but circumstances seemed to be conspiring against me.  The big sale in Chiswick doesn’t normally take place in January, it was cancelled in February due to the snow, and the one in March was pretty much a non-event due to the torrential rain.

The first Sunday of April dawned bright and clear though, so off to Chiswick I trotted and here’s what I got…

The complete DVD set of This Life, £2.  Complete and utter bargain considering this normally goes for upwards of £20 on eBay!

Vintage Scrabble set, £2.

Vintage Beatrix Potter books, seven for £5 (should have been £1 each but I haggled).  They’re a bit tatty but I have plans for them…

Vintage map, £1.  This might not seem hugely interesting to most people but I bought it because of the area it covers – it’s got my dad’s home village on it (Titchfield, in the close up)  and I know he’d have liked it.

Vintage book, £3.50.  This was a bit more than I wanted to spend, but I did haggle him down from the starting price of £5.

Victorian plant pots, 50p each.

Gorgeous obelisk, £20.  Quite pricey but it was brand new, and that’s actually a pretty good price for a good looking obelisk!

There was, once again, so much I wanted to buy but simply couldn’t afford.  Here are some of the ones that got away.

I desperately wanted this portmanteau (is that the right word?!), and it would have been so perfect for me… but at £100 I had to regretfully walk away.  I thought it was actually a pretty fair price, but fair or not it was out of my very small budget.

Old French bottles, £10 each or £90 for a full crate load.  I don’t really have room for these either but I did like them!

I thought this vintage egg case was beautiful.  Still complete in every detail down to the cardboard between the two padded layers.  Gorgeous but definitely out of my price range at a whopping £160.

Once again I left the boot sale wishing I’d had a bigger budget (and a bigger house in which to hoard things!), but it was a great morning and I was really pleased with the bargains I picked up.  Looking forward to the next one, and fingers crossed that the weather is just as good next time!

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