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ss 28-06-2015

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Something  a little different for our street art this week.  I sometimes take our dog to Emslie Horniman Pleasance, and it wasn’t until my second visit there that I spotted this very subtle piece in the Quiet Garden there.

street art_26 1


street art_26 2

Doesn’t look like much so far does it?  Then you take a closer look at some of the bricks.

street art_26 3

street art_26 4

street art_26 5

street art_26 6

street art_26 7

street art_26 8

Wise words indeed.

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Well, I’ve not had a chance to make a start on the EDM challenges yet, but I did get my arse in gear this morning and go out for a little wander specifically to sketch so that’s an improvement on my usual routine!

Earlier this week I went to visit a client who’s moved house, and one of the features of their new area is a hidden gem: Mapesbury Dell.  Back in 2000 a group of local residents took action and, by dint of much hard work and organisation, transformed what was previously a dead space frequented by very unsavoury types into a beautiful little oasis.

It’s a lovely little space, quite formal in layout but very pretty and incorporating sculpture, a pond, and a play area for children, as well as ample seating.  I found it very restful sitting there sketching, even though the crazy green parakeets going back and forth to the bird feeders were fairly noisy!

And, after all that, here’s my little sketch for the day.

That’s it from me for Sunday Sketchblog this week, why not visit Jenna over at Timballoo and see what she’s got for us?

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