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I’ve not participated in Weekword since August, which is quite a long break for me but I was struggling to get my entries up on time so I thought it was best to take a break.  Sally over at Sow & Sew is hosting this week and chose the word element, which tempted me back.

So here I am, posting on time, but not entirely sure what to post about!

Element can refer to many things, but the first thing I thought of was chemical elements, as in the periodic table.  Which, handily, leads on to this:

A t-shirt I bought for Matt recently.  People who see it are split into three types: completely oblivious, those who wonder what all the salt is about, and geeks who get it – and because you can never judge a book by its cover you never know which category any given person is going to fall into.  A well-dressed man in a suit stopped Matt in Sainsburys last weekend to tell him how awesome his t-shirt was, which really made his day 🙂

(If you like this t-shirt I’m afraid you’re out of luck, it was from Think Geek and they’re no longer selling it)


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