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Our host for February is Rachel over at The Awesome Lady, so please do pop over to her blog to find out who else is playing along.  I’m running really late with my photos this month and spent most of this morning trying to think of things to photograph – eek!



I like to jot down quotes and poems in a wee notebook, which occasionally gets flicked through when I’m looking for inspiration.  This particular notebook isn’t one of mine, it’s a Celeste Frittata creation.


Something I made

Despite the various commissions I’ve done this month, my favourite thing has been this rather frivolous use of time and paint



I love it when a new season is on the horizon: at the moment I’m enjoying early spring bulbs and watching the blossom buds start to swell on trees.



Annoyingly I did actually bake a cake this month, but failed to photograph it!  Instead here’s a quick shot of one of the many, many recipe books littering our kitchen.


Motifs: Triangles

I was really quite stuck for this subject, then I sat down at my desk in despair and when I looked up the answer was staring me in the face: kirigami, stuck to my studio wall!



Rachel will be choosing her favourites over the next week or two, so please do remember to check her blog again later this month.  The favourites from January haven’t gone up yet due to unforeseen circumstances, but Sarah over at Cinders & Rain will have them up in the next day or so.

What’s happening next month with the Crafty Photo Scavenger Hunt?  Ruth over at The Goldhawk Project is our host for March, so please pop along to her blog tomorrow and see what topics she’s chosen.

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Our host for this month is Sara over at Cinders & Rain, so please do pop over to her blog to find out who else is playing along.


Last month my inspiration was actually motivation, and that motivation was fuelled by the need to earn money.  Not very artistic, but truthful.  This month my inspiration is equally truthful and just as unglamorous!  I have mainly been making things based on the ‘what needs using up?’ principle…


Something I made

Well, one of the plus sides of attacking anything in my path this month has been the sheer variety of books I’ve made.  I was a bit spoilt for choice…



A little close up of my Mollie Makes calendar page for January says it all…



What could be more delightfully retro than some Enid Blyton?


Motifs: Sequins

This category gave me The Fear when I first saw it.  I own precisely one item of clothing with sequins on, and it’s a summer top that hasn’t seen the light of day for a good few years.  What to do?  I was slightly worried I’d have to go out and start looking for a pearly king to photograph!  My luck was in though, I received a travelling craft box (long story) in the post last week and inside it was the perfect thing… not traditional sequins, but I jumped on them nonetheless!


What’s happening next month with the Crafty Photo Scavenger Hunt?  Rachel over at The Awesome Lady is our host for February, so please pop along to her blog tomorrow and see what topics she’s chosen.

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Once again, a big thank you to those who took part last month – I hope you all enjoyed the topics!  It’s taken me a few days, but here’s a round up of my favourites.


It was very, very difficult to choose a favourite in this category.  I was torn between two and dithered for quite a while… but in the end I think Ruth’s dandelion wins it by a smidgen, with Sally’s yarn stash as a very close second (you might have come in first, if I didn’t have total stash-envy!).  Honourable mention goes to Margot with her bicycle panniers full of flowers.

Something I made

Jenna’s sketch of raccoons made me smile, they’re such mischievous-seeming creatures and her work captures them beautifully.


Another difficult one.  Jenna almost nabbed this with her lovely shot of a Seattle street, but in the end I think Margot’s photo of Dhaka is my favourite as it reminds me of Indonesia 🙂


Hands down favourite in this category is Rachel’s photograph of a Transformers collection.  WIN!


I have a real love of graffiti, so when I picked this topic at the beginning of May I was hopeful that there would be some good and varied submissions – and I wasn’t disappointed.  I loved them all, from Margot’s photo of the beautiful rickshaw decorations to Sally’s badly-spelled-yet-accurate comment on society.  A gold star goes to Rachel for her own creation, I did wonder if not living in the city would prove a challenge for this topic, but she rose to it admirably!  My favourite, though, is this shot by Jenna.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed seeing all your photos this month, perhaps more so than usual because (being a born-and-raised Londoner) cities are so close to my heart.  I hope the summery topics for June inspire you for the coming month and I’m looking forward to seeing what you all come up with this time!

Sally has kindly volunteered to host the CPSH in July, and as I like to be organised please do shout out if you fancy hosting it in August.

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Roll up, roll up!  Let’s be having you!  I’m guest-hosting the Crafty Photo Scavenger hunt again this month and would love to see more participants.  Everyone seems to be taking photographs these days, so why not use this as a way to help focus your photographic energies?

Full details of the topics for this month can be found by clicking here.

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Heather over at Free Spirit chose this week’s word, so pop along to her blog and see what she’s come up with (and also see who else is taking part).

I decided to do something a little different this week.  Normally I waffle, and on occasion I come up with a sketch, but this week I went digital.  I knew the effect I wanted, and although I could probably have done this by hand as an actual drawing I thought it would be a bit quicker to have a play with my image editing software instead.

Original photography by me (taken while I was in Sheringham back in February), and you’re glimpsing it through the Alice in Wonderland font.

Happy weekwording everyone!

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If you’re new to the Scavenger Hunt then please visit Kirst’s blog to see how this all began.  I’m acting as guest host this month, and I hope you find everything to your liking!

This month’s topics are…

To learn more about the Scavenger Hunt, please click here.

If you’d like to take part then simply post a comment here and at the end of the month I’ll post my own entries together with links to all the other bloggers who are taking part.  I’ll also choose my own favourite from each category and post them here in a monthly round up a few days into March.

Get your thinking caps on folks, I’m looking forward to seeing all your photos!

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Yesterday I visited Kew Gardens for the first time in 13 months.  The last time I visited I was with my father, and it was his last trip to see the gardens so going back was quite an emotional occasion.  I’m glad that I went, and it seems fitting that it was on the occasion of the winter solstice.  Midwinter always feels like the start of something new: the days start to lengthen, the sun begins to warm the earth more, and we’re heading back towards spring.  I let my Kew membership lapse after my father died, but I renewed it yesterday and hope to start visiting the gardens on a regular basis again.

Here are some photographs from yesterday, showing some of the gorgeous clear weather and beautiful winter colour.

The red stems of cornus, seen from the Sackler Crossing

The Sackler Crossing

More vibrant cornus

View across the Thames

The unassuming but sweetly scented blooms of Osmanthus heterophyllus

Bright red rowan berries

White rowan berries

Callicarpa berries almost look false, they’re such a bright purple

A bee enjoying a camellia blossom in the sunshine

The Times Eureka Garden

The sun starting to go down on the shortest day

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