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ss 07-04-2013_01

Ok, I’ll ‘fess up – I am really bored with daffodils now.  I’ve had this bunch in my studio since 11th March and although I’m determined to squeeze another sketch out of them before they go in the compost bin it’s definitely time for a change.  Luckily I had some inspiration this week in the form of a new pen and bottle of ink…

ss 07-04-2013_02

ss 07-04-2013_03

ss 07-04-2013_04

Thanks must go to my friend Jayne, who sent me this book last month.

scruffy mutts

I absolutely loved it, so when my new pen inspired me I decided to have a go at drawing a client’s dog (that wee scrap of a pup is called Pebbles, and he’s a delight and a wee tinker in equal measure!).  My favourite of the four dog sketches is the second, which looks most like him.

More from me next Sunday, and in the meantime why not take a peek and see what Hayley and Jenna have been up to.

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ss 16-03-2013_3

Another busy week here, topped off with a weekend of decorating and DIY, and to be honest I am so tired I’m amazed I’m managing to get this blog post out on time!

ss 16-03-2013_4

I loved Jenna’s sketch of an apple at various stages of being eaten, and so my little sketching project this week has been a vase of daffodils.  I’ve been sketching them each day at around the same time, and having started on Monday I’ve only missed one day (yesterday).

ss 16-03-2013_5

ss 16-03-2013_6

ss 16-03-2013_7

I did actually haul my tired backside down to the studio very late last night with the intention of getting another sketch done, but upon close inspection the flowers hadn’t changed: it’s the first day all week that there’s not been a marked difference in them – clearly fate was smiling on me!

ss 16-03-2013_1

ss 16-03-2013_2

It’s my intention to continue charting the progress of the daffodils with a daily sketch until they fade entirely, so wish me luck!

If you’ve enjoyed this post then please visit Jenna and Hayley to see what they have in their sketchbooks this week.

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Tuesday was a truly glorious early spring day: blue skies, bright sunshine, and warm enough to sit out in the garden sketching!  I had a wonderful afternoon sat outside with a cup of sweet chai and my sketchbook, and am very pleased with the results.

ss 09-03-2013_2

ss 09-03-2013_3

Not bad, eh?  After mainly using a biro for my drawings over the last four months it’s been nice returning to watercolours this past fortnight.  I didn’t ignore my biro completely though, here’s another addition to my EDM sketchbook.

ss 09-03-2013_1

Jenna had some rather lovely shoes in her sketchbook last week, I wonder what she’s got this Sunday?  Hayley I think has been a bit busy to be blogging, but go and check her blog out anyway 🙂

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After the rather successful page of mice a couple of weeks ago I thought I’d have a go at drawing dogs, as I had a really lovely day out with a friend and two of her beautiful Shibas last weekend…

ss 24-02-2013

…alas, I clearly need more practice with canine portraits!  I think I’ll have another pop at this using a pencil instead of a biro next time and see if a change of medium helps.  I suspect it might, as the shape of a shiba’s face really comes to life in the contours, and shading with a pencil should make that easier.

In the meantime I hope you’ve had a good week, and don’t forget to stop by and visit Jenna and Hayley to see what they’ve been drawing this week.

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Last week my sketchbook was heaving with new drawings, and I had planned this week to continue that rush of creativity as a life drawing class has just started up down the road from me… but, as we all know, “the best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men gang aft a-gley” and I didn’t manage to make it to class.  So instead, and very appropriately given that quote, we have some quick sketches of a very unwelcome garden visitor…

ss 10-02-2013

The little sod has been living the high life on bird food which has fallen from the feeders – I got quite a shock when I looked out of my studio window and saw him there, merrily munching away!

More from me next week, and hopefully I’ll actually make it to class this time.  In the meantime go and see what Jenna and Hayley have got in their sketchbooks this week.

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Gosh, I can’t believe it’s my 50th sketchblog post – that’s really quite scary, especially considering how little time I actually spend drawing these days!  It’s been a good week for my sketchbooks, because I went to the seaside for a few days and was able to be a lady of leisure…

ss 03-02-2013_1

…my mornings were spent in my pyjamas, looking out over the sea as I wrote letters, read books on my Kindle, and devoured hot cross buns and endless cups of tea; my afternoons were spent ambling around the little town and wasting time in the penny arcade.  I did make one excursion to the top of Beeston Bump with the vague idea of doing some sketching of the view… but the wind was howling so ferociously that I beat a hasty retreat back to the apartment (once I’d caught my breath after the climb up!).  So much for that idea!  To be fair, January really isn’t the best time of year to be sketching en plein air, the weather is generally a deterrent.

I did also tackle a couple more of the EDM challenges:

ss 03-02-2013_2

ss 03-02-2013_3

Still working in biro only in that sketchbook, which I’m finding challenging but actually good practice.  It was nice to work in watercolours again in my other book though, albeit briefly, and I must try and remember to use both books regularly in future.

Thanks for stopping by, and don’t forget to visit Hayley and Jenna to see what’s in their books this week.

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Running late…

ss 27-01-2013

Apologies for my lousy effort this week… thankfully Jenna has some beautiful hares in her sketchbook, and Hayley has a couple of EDM challenges completed in hers.  I’m off to the seaside for a few days this week, so I will hopefully have a more interesting sketchbook by next Sunday!

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A bit of a mixture this week: a quick sketch done at The Paradise while waiting for a screening of Labyrinth to start, and a couple more EDM challenges…

ss 20-01-2013_1

ss 20-01-2013_2


ss 20-01-2013_3

Pop over to Timballoo and see what Jenna’s got in her sketchbook this week, and Hayley over at Pogle Paints has finished uploading her sketchbook project which is definitely worth a look!

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EDM #16…

ss 13-01-2013

Jenna’s back from her festive/house moving hiatus, so click here to go and see what she’s got in her sketchbook this week.  Hayley over at Pogle Paints has been showcasing some of her recent work this weekend, so I’d definitely recommend you pop over and have a look at her blog too, as her work is fabulous.

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