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A nice piece on the side of Taylor Taylor (for previous art on the same site click here).  First piece is by Endless Artist, and the police line up is by Catman.  I had no idea who the last guy was so had to find out, and if you’re clueless like me it’s Keith Haring.

street art_192_03

street art_192_01

street art_192_02

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Way back in 2014 I shared the festive boards that Coco Nail Bar had put up for carnival, and here’s a new one for this year.

street art_188

As an added bonus here are a couple of other bits that I spotted the same day

street art_188_02

street art_188_04

street art_188_03

street art_188_05

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I’ve been meaning to do this one for absolutely ages.  It’s along the first stretch (the Golborne Road end) of Portobello Road, W10.  The sketches are amazing so do click on the individual images to view a larger version.

street art_166_01

street art_166_09

street art_166_02

street art_166_03

street art_166_04

street art_166_05

street art_166_06

street art_166_07

street art_166_08

street art_166_10

street art_166_11

street art_166_12

street art_166_13

street art_166_14

street art_166_14

street art_166_15

street art_166_16

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A couple of bits from Portobello Road, these were taken in October.  To see the previous bit of work on Taylor Taylor (January 2016) click here.  Artwork by Dotmaster and Endless Artist.






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I last spotted something on the side of Taylor Taylor back in January.  The latest piece is also by Endless Artist.

street art_123

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I have some exciting street art all the way from Glasgow for you next week, but this week you’ll just have to put up with some more local stuff.  Took these ages ago while walking from Golborne Road down to Portobello Road.  The mosaic stuff is by the historical timeline at the junction of Elkstone Road and Golborne Road (W10), and I really need to go back and see if it’s finished (which it must be, as I took these photos months ago!).

street art_111_01

street art_111_02

street art_111_03

street art_111_04

street art_111_05

street art_111_06

street art_111_07

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I can’t believe I forgot to put any street art up last week, especially as I have quite the backlog of photos stashed away!  This one was found while taking a short cut round the back of Portobello Road.

street art_109_01

street art_109_02

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Spotted this on the side of Taylor Taylor (Portobello Road, W10), it’s a stuck on creation rather than one done with spray paint.  I’ve left the image at full size so click on it to view a larger version and see all the details.

street art_103_01

On the way home I also spied this sneaky sticker by Fauntleroy Snooty, located on the Harrow Road at the junction with Ladbroke Grove (just in front of E.M. Lander Memorials).  Like this?  You might also like Street Art #55 and Street Art #76.

street art_103_02

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ss 12-07-2015

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I do like this mural outside Eye Level (an optician) on Lancaster Road, W11.  If you’re there then also keep an eye out for the grocer’s van!

street art_74

street art_74_02

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