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Wednesday WIP

I’m a terrible procrastinator.  Actually, to be strictly accurate, I’m a brilliant procrastinator.  It’s not always intentional either.  I get a lot of time to think, mainly while walking the dog, so I plan things in my head.  Ideas for books I want to make, e-mails I need to reply to, and blog posts I need to write.  If I’m thinking about something like a blog post then it can get quite detailed.  I mean if I’m on a long walk and have time to kill I may as well draft a post in my head, right?  All good so far but then what inevitably happens is I either a) promptly forget the whole lot because my short-term memory is atrocious, or b) I’ve gone over it in so much glorious detail in my head that I convince myself I’ve done it (I suspect my poor memory also has a hand in this).  I know, it’s crazy.  Oh, yes, and because I tend to pop pictures on Instagram I often think “did I talk about the thing? Yes, yes I must have because I took a photo of it” – idiot.

I had a huge spate of creativity from late July right through August but because I was house-sitting for three weeks I genuinely didn’t get a chance to blog as I wasn’t at home with my computer.  Then I was at home for just a week (which was manic) before buggering off on holiday for two weeks, and so here we are, middle of October,  and I still haven’t got round to catching up.

I must do better.  Because I hate being this disorganised, it makes me feel rotten.

So this work in progress blog post is a sort of IOU.  It’s a promise of blog posts to come, because I do have new and exciting things to show off.  I just need to pull my finger out!  Part of my new strategy will be to draft posts the old fashioned way: with a pen and paper.  Easy, portable, and while I can’t do it during a dog walk I can do it pretty much any time I’m sat down with a cup of coffee or a cigarette, which happens a lot.  Hopefully going back to basics will help keep me on track.  I also need to suck it up and edit/resize my photos within a couple of days of taking them, instead of letting them build up to a critical mass that scares me.

On that note I’m off to make another cuppa and start drafting the first of my overdue posts.  Wish me luck!


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