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After enjoying Alice painting the roses red for a few months (click here to view), which I did think was nice and topical given it’s right next to a flower stall, the board changed hands in early July and was replaced by a very cheerful sunflower!  Artwork by Gary Alford.

street art_187


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I’m a bit behind again and haven’t had a chance to give an update on the art next to Queens Park Station. Last I’d reported was back in March, and it actually changed hands just before I’d had a chance to share that piece by Binty Bint.

street art_168_01

However within about ten days it changed hands again and turned into a mural of Alice, painting the roses red.  Quite apt as it’s right next to a flower stall.  It’s been Alice ever since, and I’m a little curious to see who’ll step up and take charge of it next!

street art_168_02

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It’s Queens Park station graffiti time again!  To see the previous incarnation click here.  This piece by Binty Bint appeared at the end of January.


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I loved the last Queens Park station piece by Andrew Burns Colwill (click here to view) so was quite sad when it was replaced a couple of weeks ago by this piece by Angus.


I normally like his work, but although there’s nothing inherently wrong with this piece it just seemed a bit drab.  Well I didn’t have to wait long for it to be replaced.  Within a week it had been covered up with a festive bit of work by Trust Icon.  Still not very colourful, which would have been nice to brighten up the winter days, but it makes me smile nonetheless.


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The last Queens Park station mural by Andrew Burns Colwill only lasted a couple of weeks before it was replaced in early June by a vibrant offering from Inkie.  Not the best photo but there’s a florist who sets up stall in front of it so I have to take what I can get, and sadly it gets the rising sun (which has been rather bright of late)!

street art_128

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If you’re a regular reader of my blog you’ll know that there’s a spot just by Queens Park station that’s been changing hands between street artists for a while now.  If you want to see previous work that’s been featured on that wall then click here.  In August this gorgeous piece by @himbad_ turned up.  A lovely splash of colour, I wonder how long it will be until it’s replaced by something else.

street art_91_01

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Back in March a new piece of street art appeared next to Queens Park Station.  Then in April, right around Easter, Fauntleroy Snooty came back and altered it…

street art_76_04

There were even bunnies on the floor and wall nearby.

street art_76_03

street art_76_02

In May it underwent another transformation, this time by Angus.  I like it, but I’m now curious to see who or what will appear next!

street art_76_01

Update: I actually wrote this post back in May and scheduled it for publication in July (no, I’m not super organised, I just have a backlog of street art!) and when I walked up to Queens Park station on 8th July I found that the art had once again changed.

street art_76_05

So come on, shall we place bets on what will appear in this spot next?

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