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…bridesmaids.  This is something I learned recently when I was asked if I would make notebooks as gifts from a bride to her bridesmaids.  Sure, I said, no problem.  How many bridesmaids?


I can’t lie, that threw me a bit, but in the end it turned out to be terrific fun because I got to design nine different notebooks.  The bride wrote down a few words about each woman, and off I went to select papers and binding styles.


An eclectic mix, let’s show off each notebook individually so you can have a proper look.  Although it was occasionally challenging to find the right paper for each cover, it was very satisfying to rummage through my studio trying to find ‘the one’.  Even more so to then decide which binding style would be best, and of course the question of thread, and inner lining – oh the choices!  These books have been made using everything from scrapbook paper through to a repurposed paper carrier bag, and some of the vintage linen thread is older than I am!  I hope that the bridesmaids like them as much as the bride and I do 🙂










Here they are all wrapped up and waiting to go.



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A couple of weeks ago I blogged about making a little secret storage box (click here if you missed it).  It was a dinky little thing and I enjoyed making it, but didn’t think I’d make any more as it was quite time-consuming and therefore not what I’d consider a viable product.

Well, as it turned out, the person who bought the first one wanted a second too!  Back to the studio I went, armed with Lego manuals that she’d sent me, and here’s the result.




FYI, the pages in Lego manuals are really thin and I wouldn’t recommend them for crafting purposes!  The finished box is really cute, and I had some silver handle things that went beautifully with it.  The kiddies will be receiving their secret boxes as advent gifts so I’m looking forward to seeing what they think of them 🙂

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So I was out walking my dog in the park last month when I was given a bag full of matchboxes.  This isn’t a normal thing, I don’t habitually receive random bags of matches while I’m playing fetch!  It was excellent timing though as I’d been musing on making some matchbox sized books.  As it turns out these weren’t the size of matchbox I’d had in mind: Swan Vestas come in skinnier-than-usual boxes, but that doesn’t mean they won’t get used.  My first project was a little secret set of drawers.  The card and paper I used to make the covers was leftover from other projects so this was a nice way to use them up (the only new things are the little handles).  I’m happy to say that this box has already gone to a new home but I’m sure I’ll make some more in due course.





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I do have a habit of hoarding paper bags.  Mostly I use them for taking out my recycling (unimaginative, but practical) but occasionally they’re just too pretty to throw away.  I’ve made books from paper bags before but haven’t done any for ages, so I thought it was about time I reduced my stash a little.  These are now available in my Etsy shop.


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Way back in February a friend alerted me to the Map Return Scheme being run by the Ordnance Survey people.  Of course I immediately emailed them to ask for a box of old maps but heard nothing so assumed I’d been unsuccessful, as they were offering them on a first come, first served basis.

Then in April an enormous box was delivered to my house.



Over a hundred maps, it was a very exciting day for me.  Of course I had to tweet them and say thank you 🙂


I didn’t tell them that my dog lost the will to live while I was busy sorting through all the maps…


I’ve now made a start on recycling the maps and turning them into books.  The first few are in my Etsy shop now.




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Ok, all bar one of these have already been sold but there’s still one left in my Etsy shop, so snap it up quickly!

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…and a load of stuffing, and what do you get?  Cushions for our garden chairs!  I’m afraid I was too intent on the task in hand to take more than one photo of the making process, but trust me when I say that these were incredibly easy to make.  A simple square, a little handle (made from the hem of the sack), and that’s it.  The tufting was done by hand and I love the way it makes the cushions look.  Another very cheap project too, as I made two cushions with one sack (and polyester stuffing is fairly cheap to buy – I think around £4 per bag, and it takes less than a bag to stuff one of these seat cushions).

coffee sack cushions_01

coffee sack cushions_02

coffee sack cushions_03

coffee sack cushions_04

coffee sack cushions_05

coffee sack cushions_06

I will be making another two cushions like this as soon as I get some more stuffing.  If you missed the first coffee sack project then click here to view it.

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