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…and give it a bit of TLC.  That’s what I did this week.

I bought the desk at a car boot sale last Sunday, and although it’s a lovely desk there was one problem: someone had painted it black.  I’m sure they thought they were doing a good thing, and I’m sure it was very practical, but my goodness it sucked all the light out of my studio!

I attacked it with a heat gun, which got most of the paint off, then went over it with a scourer to remove as much as possible (a lot had gone into scratches in the wood).

I have to admit that I lost the will to live after a while, and the back of the desk is still black.  I can tackle that another time!

Once the exterior had been stripped down I lined the inside with pages from an old book (this one).

Ta da!  It looks much better, and it feels better too – bare wood is infinitely nicer to the touch than gloss paint!  I can now settle down comfortably at it next week, and not go blind from squinting 🙂

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