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Enjoy the view

No sketches to share this week, so here’s a view of my studio instead. Just imagine yourself surrounded by the scent of roses and honeysuckle.


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My life has been very fragrant of late, as the flowers in my garden are in full bloom.  Roses, pinks, jasmine, honeysuckle and sweetpea all vying for my attention.  At work this week I’ve had all of those as well as philadelphus (Mock Orange), so my sense of smell has been working overtime enjoying itself.

Sadly no one has yet invented a scratch-and-sniff computer screen, so you’ll just have to make do with photos of the flowers instead 😉

Now take a trip over and see what Katy and Jenna have put together for this week’s word.  Oh, and at the last minute we’ve been joined by Margot over at Tulsi Crafts and Sally at Sow & Sew too!

I’m tagging Katy over at Creating Misericordia to choose the next word, so pop along to her blog on Monday and see what she comes up with.

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23rd June 2012 – “Raindrops on roses…”

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Well the road to hell is paved with good intentions, isn’t it? I’ve been kept busy with other projects and my sketching has gone to pot. I did a couple while we were away for the weekend at Hill House (www.thehowlinghillhouse.com). The first is a view of the room we stayed in, and the second is a random sketch done at How Capel Court Gardens to which we paid an impromptu visit.

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