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A nice piece on the side of Taylor Taylor (for previous art on the same site click here).  First piece is by Endless Artist, and the police line up is by Catman.  I had no idea who the last guy was so had to find out, and if you’re clueless like me it’s Keith Haring.

street art_192_03

street art_192_01

street art_192_02


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Regular readers will know that I rarely throw anything away.  I haven’t had a wall calendar for a number of years, but I still have quite a few from the past lurking around…

Yup, that is a calender from the year 2000.  I wasn’t joking about not throwing things away.

What did I finally decide to make with this calendar?  I’m still resolutely not making books, so this isn’t really a book, it’s more of a portfolio.  Possibly a book full of pockets.  Can you tell I’m clueless as to what to call it?

I made envelopes out of the beautiful calendar pages (I’ve always had a thing for Dali), and then made a cover using another of the pages.  There are eight envelopes/pockets in this portfolio, and they are bound into the cover using an accordion style binding.

This was a bit of an experiment for me, and although it took ages to make I’m really pleased with the result.  I plan to make more of these in future (yes, I have more calendars stashed away…) and hopefully the future ones will be quicker to make now that I’ve figured out the method!

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