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Finally got some decent light for photography, so these two books are now available in my Etsy shop.

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Wednesday WIP


This is actually work from Tuesday, but one of the vagaries of winter is the lack of decent light for photography.  It doesn’t affect all the things I make, but some colours or textures need really good light in order to show them off to their best.  Dark green book cloth happens to be one of those things, which means that although the books are finished and ready to go into my shop they are having to sit on my desk until I can get decent photos of them.  I’m hoping I’ll have better luck tomorrow!


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Finally listed this one in my shop to mark International Women’s Day 😉

Click here to go to the listing.


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I had LOTS of fun in my studio on Tuesday…

WIP 16-12-2015_01

…although it turns out that making interesting words is quite difficult when you’ve run out of K, S, and H tiles.  The first book was soon underway and ended up being fairly hefty as it needed a double thickness of board to make the tiles sit flush in the cover.

WIP 16-12-2015_02

WIP 16-12-2015_03

I then used green bookcloth to give the cover a simple finish.

WIP 16-12-2015_04

I’ll be adding this to my Etsy shop later this week, and there will be more NSFW books coming in the new year.

WIP 16-12-2015_05

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My A-level art teacher always said I have the attention span of a butterfly, and really she was quite right. I got distracted from the other project I was trying to finish, so this is what’s been occupying me this week. Still not quite finished, but almost!




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2012_12_2020th December 2012 – “My kingdom for a consonant”

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I’ve not posted a work-in-progress thread since October, mainly because I keep forgetting.  I’ve been busy though, flitting from project to project.  Some of the projects have been mine, but a couple of the most unusual ones have been my friend’s, which I’ve been helping him with on craft nights.  In the past five weeks we’ve made a dressing gown out of a double duvet (yes, really!), and a waistcoat out of an old lumberjack style shirt.  No photos of the finished objects, but he did wear the waistcoat to a party recently so hopefully some photos will surface eventually!

I’ve been adding to my stash of hexipuffs, and at the moment I’m busy using up the lovely mixed lot of Noro yarn I got on eBay a couple of months ago, and I’m nearly done working my way through all the scraps.




I’ve been mucking about with vintage stamps to create stickers, which will be added to my Etsy shop very soon.


I’ve also made a start on a bigger project: fairy tale books.  I posted back in April that I’d been inspired to make notebooks based on classic fairy tales, and since then I’ve been turning the idea over in my head every so often.  The original sketches were a good starting point, but I’ve refined the plan somewhat and have finished the first version of Little Red Riding Hood.  Here’s a sneak peek, but I will be putting up a full blog post on this very soon.

red preview

In other notebook-related news I’ve been a bit erratic with my designs.  Not inspired by any one theme, but trying to clear some space in the studio (which is an ongoing battle) by using things up as I unearth them.  This scattergun approach  has led to a rather mixed lot, ranging from Dr Who themed books to this wonderful Scrabble book amongst other things.


Unsurprisingly this sold very quickly at the recent Kensal Flea!  I’ve got more Scrabble tiles stashed away somewhere so there may be another version of this emerging from the studio some time soon.

That’s it for this Wednesday.  I’ll be hard at work in the studio for the rest of this week, and hopefully I’ll have some lovely new books to show off at the Salusbury School Christmas Fair this Saturday.

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