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Some lovely sculptural street art from Aachen, Germany.  Many thanks to Claire for this one.

street art_208

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Some art from Berlin this time, photographed by my partner Matt Turner.  The first piece was at 31 Bezirksamt von Berlin, and the Buddy Bear was at Unter den Linden.

street art_38_01

street art_38_02

street art_38_03

street art_38_04

street art_38_05

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This morning I skived off work and went to visit The Other Art Fair.  Technically I suppose it’s a work outing, isn’t it?  Anyway, off I toddled to Baker Street armed with my camera.

There was a huge range of different styles, I think it’s safe to say that there was something for everyone there: from the classical to the bizarrely modern, from prints to sculpture, and using pretty much every material known to mankind.

The fair runs from 10th-13th May and tickets are only £6 each (£3 for concessions) so if you’re in London this weekend you should go and have a look.  To tempt you I’ll show off some of the artists that particularly caught my eye.

The first space as you enter P3 is Joffe & Pye’s Other Other Art Fair which features the work of 10 artists, and you can vote for your favourite on the chalk board.  I gave my vote to Gytautas Balkevicius just because I thought this piece was fantastic:

It’s great, isn’t it?  Moving on the next space is given over to Cass Art who are sponsoring the event.  This is a long corridor where people can add their own small piece of art to the exhibition

Cass Art were also handing out some very handy goody bags which contain a small sketchpad and a pencil.

The mixed media work of Alberto Fusco was interesting and eyecatching, and although I work with paper I’m still amazed at the things people do with it.

The two drawings above were done with a biro on old envelopes.  Seriously.  This amazing work belongs to Mark Powell and I’m in awe at his skill.

Another artist who wowed me was Keira Rathbone.  See that picture above?  Looks good doesn’t it, but perhaps nothing particularly special?  Now look more closely…

…it’s all done using a typewriter.  Has your jaw dropped yet?  Mine certainly did!

I didn’t manage to get photographs of all the artists whose work I admired, but I loved the inkwork of Beth Nicholas which was so fluid and graceful that I very nearly bought a print right there and then.  The only reason I didn’t is that we still don’t have room to hang prints at the moment!  Definitely go and check out her website if you’ve got half an hour to spare.

Another artist I really admired was Lizzie Mary Cullen.  Her psychogeographies are amazingly detailed and will definitely be a source of inspiration for me.  I think her style reminds me of my father’s in a way.  Hmmm.

My favourite artist of the day was Soozy Lipsey, and I’m gutted that she wasn’t permitting photography of her stall.  Her mixed media sculptures were fabulous, and right up my street.  So much so that I gave in to temptation and bought one…

A Spare Eye, just what every girl needs!  This sort of quirky art really appeals to me, and this piece will sit beautifully alongside my other curios.  For those who like to know, this piece set me back £48 and I think it was the cheapest piece available – thankfully it was my first choice, my second choice turned out to be £220!

I had a great morning wandering around The Other Art Fair and would definitely recommend it if you’re free this weekend.  There are also some unusual life drawing classes scheduled which I’m tempted to go back for.  Check out this link to find out more.

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Following on from the first part yesterday, today brings part two of the ceci n’est pas une porte series:

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My old studio was a beautiful place, situated on an island that was crammed with quirky features.  One of those features was this door:

Photography by Katherine Palmer

I loved that door, and always thought I’d like to do something inspired by it.  Well… today I finally did.  It’s part sculptural piece and part useful book, and it’s the first part of my Ceci n’est pas une porte series.

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