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It’s been a whole year since I last visited the Chiswick boot sale, which is probably for the best given my inability to say no to bargains!  I picked up some lovely bits and pieces today…

bsb 04-05-2014_01

So, we have eight volumes of Shakespeare, for a grand total of £4.

bsb 04-05-2014_02

A copy of Robinson Crusoe for £2 (the spine is knackered but the covers are gorgeous).

bsb 04-05-2014_03

A pretty book for £1

bsb 04-05-2014_04

Another pretty book for £2 (look at the spine on that!)

bsb 04-05-2014_05bsb 04-05-2014_06

Observer book of military airplanes, £1.

bsb 04-05-2014_07

Four ladybird books and a couple of Beatrix Potter books, £3.

bsb 04-05-2014_08

Big book of animals.  Knackered spine on this one, but the covers are still vibrant.  Full of beautiful line drawings (although some have been defaced by the original owner).

bsb 04-05-2014_10

bsb 04-05-2014_12

bsb 04-05-2014_11

Some lovely vintage Look & Learn comics, 20p each.

bsb 04-05-2014_13

A huge stack of vintage Dandy comics for £10.

bsb 04-05-2014_14

Last, but not least, this HUGE book (see the first photo at the top which will give you an idea of the size) which I have grand plans for.  £3 for this beast.  The woman had another two copies and wanted £10 for the lot, but I really only needed one (see, I can say no occasionally!).

bsb 04-05-2014_15

Not a bad haul, and I bought a very pretty linen dress too (brand new, and sadly not cheap in the grand scheme of things, but it’s gorgeous)…

2014-05-04 10.33.50

That’s it for this month!

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Now that the last of the festive fairs is past and my stock cupboard is looking respectably… well, bare isn’t the right word, but it’s not overflowing any more… it’s time to restock some of my old favourites.

A lot of the books I make are one-offs, either through choice or circumstance; and I like that, I like that customers can have something that no one else has.  However I do have some regular items which seem perenially popular.

My Alice in Wonderland books are my longest running range and includes six different designs, each with a quote from the original text on the back.

I also like to make Novel Notebooks – simple but elegant notebooks that use reproductions of their first edition covers as part of the design.  These Austen in Miniature books are a good example.

I’ve also reintroduced the Shakespeare in Miniature set this week.

I’m planning on bringing back the A6 sized versions of these, but probably not until the new year.  For now though one other old favourite has made it out of my studio:


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Ela, of Ela’s Vintage Finds, has kindly featured my set of revamped Shakespeare books in her Treasury.  Click here to visit her Treasury and discover many other gorgeous items.

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My set of upcycled Shakespeare notebooks has been kindly featured in an Etsy Treasury by KVenice:


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My set of three revamped Shakespeare books was kindly featured in an Etsy Treasury by unflappableproducts


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