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This is a very belated blog post, but better late than never.  A friend of mine used to own a house in Sheringham that he let to holidaymakers, and although he sold it last year I was lucky enough to stay there on a few occasions and I have some very fond memories of it (see Sunday Sketchblog #5, and Normal for Norfolk).

My fondness for the place led me to create a watercolour of it which I gave to my friend as a thank you for being such a brick and letting me have free holidays.  Andrew, you are a star (and I don’t think I’ll ever forgive you for selling it!).







fogg towers framed


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I don’t think I did a review of 2012, but I’m feeling the urge to do one of 2013.  It’s been a funny old year: frustrating in some ways and yet hugely rewarding in others.

January was a quiet month.  I made some beautiful books, and then went to the seaside for a few days…






With February came snow, but also sunshine and the opportunity to catch up with friends (of the two-legged and four-legged variety).  Bookbinding also went on, and there was some dabbling in machine sewing too.





March was busy busy busy!  Commissions, an awful lot of sketching, more snow, knitting, and even some redecorating


ss 09-03-2013_3

ss 16-03-2013_7

2013-03-11 10



April was remarkably warm, filled with seed sowing, gardening, my birthday, and the joyful discovery that sketching dogs is fun!


ss 21-04-2013_02



WIP 03-04-2013_01


May was another hot month, and once more full of gardening and dogs, with the added bonus of the Canal Cavalcade and the Chelsea Flower Show…








June kicked off with a visit to Kew Gardens, and the fine weather continued throughout the month.  There was a lot of gardening, enjoying the fruits of my labours, and also some new glasses (which I like very much, so you’ll have to excuse the very rare selfie)…



ss 23-06-2013_04






July was an absolute scorcher, and there were many days spent painting and drawing, harvesting veg and cutting flowers galore, and just generally relaxing in the garden.











WIP 31-07-2013_01

August saw me house and dog sitting for three weeks, which was absolute bliss.  I also got to meet some actors, draw some more dogs, and have a bit of fun with minion illustrations… oh yes, and we found out that we were expecting a puppy!



gwaine 03-08-2013

ss 11-08-2013_02



minion cold poster

ss 04-08-2013_01


The summer finally seemed to come to an end in September, with the weather finally starting to cool off.  Our puppy was born on 9th September, and his birth precipitated a lot of frantic knitting and crocheting!  I also tried dyeing things with elderberries, making things with felt, and visiting our new puppy.


wip 18-09-2013_01


WIP 11-09-2013_01




October saw the start of a warm autumn, and it was a month of quiet crafting (I finally finished my Beekeeper’s Quilt!), and a lot of puppy visiting.  I also learned two new skills: how to make a sari blouse, and how to taxidermy mice

wip 30-10-2013_01





wip 23-10-2013_04

sari blouse_01




November was the most exciting month of 2013 for me, because it was when our puppy finally came to live with us!  I also got to masquerade as Santa Claus, and had a stonkingly good time at the Christmas Kensal Flea … but a lot of my time was spent with Loki (whose favourite place to sleep is still on my lap)…





wip 06-11-2013_01




Finally we made it to December, which was full of bookbinding and other crafts, playtime with the pup (and as you can see, my lap is still his favourite spot for a nap, no matter where we are), and generally just enjoying life.




wip 04-12-2013_02



fmitts 20-11-2013_01



Overall 2013 has been a pretty good year.  I’ve made a lot of beautiful things, sold a lot of beautiful things (yay!), and got a beautiful puppy who has brought so much joy into my already happy life.  I just hope that 2014 is as good!

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I do tend to sketch more when I’m on holiday as I like to keep a bit of a journal, and this past week has been no exception.

That second sketch hasn’t scanned so well, so I’ll finish up with a photo of it.  Don’t forget to visit Timballoo and see what Jenna’s been sketching this week.

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If you’re British there’s a good chance you’re smiling at the title of this post, but if you’re baffled then click here for an explanation of the term.

I went for a little seaside break this week, with the empasis on little.  I arrived in Sheringham at lunchtime on Sunday and was back in London on Wednesday evening.  However, although it was a short break it was much needed and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

See the white building on the cliff?  I was staying there!

I was lucky enough to be staying in an apartment overlooking the beach (courtesy of my friend Andy, who normally lets the place to holidaymakers), and it is wonderful to wake up and fall asleep to the sound of the waves.  Balm for the soul, and particularly blissful as I didn’t have to share it with anyone because I was on holiday by myself (I highly recommend this, I think everyone needs some time alone).

I did some adventuring, walking from Sheringham to Cromer on Monday.  I walked along the beach on my way to Cromer, and along the cliff top on the way back, and my goodness I was exhausted by the end of the day!

See that big hill in the distance?

Yeah, that one.  It was hellish to climb…

but worth it for the view, and from there it was downhill back to Sheringham.

I also took a journey on the Poppy Line, which was fantastic fun.  I rode the steam train from Sheringham to Holt and back, and I felt like a kid on an adventure.

There is something magical about taking a trip on an old steam engine (it was my first time), seeing the steam billowing past the windows, and hearing the whistle blow.

The stations along the Poppy Line have been refurbished beautifully and are in keeping with the vintage style, from the stacks of luggage on the platforms to a random soldier waiting for the train.

Another first for me was building a sandcastle.  Yes, I am 31 years old and this is the first time I’ve ever attempted it.  I know, I clearly led a deprived childhood.  It has to be said that my sandcastle wasn’t entirely successful (I think I needed to use damper sand…)

Ah well, better luck next time!  That’s about it from my trip as I didn’t take many photos, but I’ll leave you with this notice which I spotted in a window in Holt…

Normal for Norfolk…

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Heather over at Free Spirit chose this week’s word, so pop along to her blog and see what she’s come up with (and also see who else is taking part).

I decided to do something a little different this week.  Normally I waffle, and on occasion I come up with a sketch, but this week I went digital.  I knew the effect I wanted, and although I could probably have done this by hand as an actual drawing I thought it would be a bit quicker to have a play with my image editing software instead.

Original photography by me (taken while I was in Sheringham back in February), and you’re glimpsing it through the Alice in Wonderland font.

Happy weekwording everyone!

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As promised I finally have some fresh sketches!  My week in Sheringham was quite productive.  I didn’t get a chance to do much sketching en plein air (too damn cold to stand around outside!), but I did get back into the habit of keeping  a sketch journal of my trip.

Not hugely exciting entries, but they mean the world to me because I enjoyed them, and I do feel as though I really have got myself back into the right frame of mind for sketching.  I managed to start work on some other pieces too while I was away, and will be working on those this week so should have an update on them by next Sunday.

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Wednesday Wishlist #2

Another post written in advance, so I’m sitting here wondering what on earth I might be wishing for a week from today.  Well, by the time this post is published I will be at the seaside in Sheringham so my wishlist probably looks like this…

Who wouldn’t want sunshine while they’re at the seaside?

Similar to the first wish, but not quite the same.  Blue skies usually mean no rain, so hopefully I’ll be enjoying nice weather.

I think everyone wishes for more time when they’re on holiday, and a working holiday is no different.  I’ve got a week in Sheringham to paint this apartment, and fit in as much relaxation and sketching as I can around that.  More time is definitely something I’ll desperately wish for!

Pop back next week for the next Wednesday Wishlist, and please do join in if you feel like it 🙂

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Well, what have I got to show you this week?  Difficult to say as I’m actually away from home at the moment – this post comes to you courtesy of WordPress’s awesome scheduling facility.

So, I’m currently in Norfolk… in the seaside town of Sheringham, to be more specific.  I’m taking a working holiday, painting a friend’s seaside apartment (he rents it out – click here to have a look) and hopefully also spending some time outside enjoying the fresh air and doing some sketching.  This means that, with luck and a fair wind, I should have lots to show you next Sunday, but it does mean that right this moment the cupboard is bare.

I have to have something on here for Sketchblog Sunday though, so here’s  a sketch I drew during my last working holiday (when I was gardening in Orkney).

It was done during a break in the gardening work, and it was the only sketch I managed to do in a whole week there.  Shameful.  My intention was to finish this sketch (adding some colour) as a birthday present for the friend I was staying with… and that was back in August and I still haven’t done it.  More shame.

It’s on my list of Things To Do (which never seems to get any shorter), and hopefully I will finish it before her next birthday!  In the meantime let’s hope that my trip to Norfolk yields more drawings than my trip to Orkney, and I’ll show and tell next Sunday…

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