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I haven’t had much time to work on the Flag Blanket this week, but I did make a load more squares when we took dad to Wales last weekend.  So this morning I added them to the blanket:

I also decided to bit the bullet and weave in all the loose ends (when I edged the squares with cream I didn’t weave in the ends as I went along…big mistake) – which took a good couple of hours.  Still, it’s done now and I will make a point of weaving in the ends as I go from now on!

Dad’s been making good use of his blanket, and he would like to report to you all that it’s keeping his legs lovely and warm 🙂


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I’ve been desperate to get the Flag Blanket up and running – my aim was to make enough squares so that I could make a blanket of functional size so that dad could start using it, and then I could make more squares and add to it.

Well… here we are:

Ta da!  I laid out all my squares yesterday afternoon and found that I had enough to make a blanket measuring 4ft x 3ft.  That’s just big enough for dad to drape over his lap while he’s watching television, or put over the end of his bed to keep his feet warm at night.

So yesterday afternoon and evening was spent sewing the squares together.  I won’t lie, it was very tedious, but at 10.30pm I finally finished the sewing and oh my – doesn’t it look good?!

Dad’s really pleased with it, and he had it on the bottom of his bed last night.  I’m so glad that he can start using it now, and I’m now aiming to make enough squares so that the finished blanket will eventually be 5ft x 6ft (big enough to cover his bed entirely).  I’ve still got oodles of yarn left, so this shouldn’t be a problem!

I’m very proud of how well it’s turned out; despite the complete mish mash of yarn types the squares have, pretty much, all been the same size – and edging them all in the cream yarn evened out the very slight discrepancies.  It also made the sewing together much easier!

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Dad had his first radiotherapy session today, and we were at the hospital for aaaaages.  We got there at 11.15am, and didn’t leave until 1.45pm (one ecg, a short burst of radiation, and an awful lot of waiting around in between)… so I had plenty of time to kill and managed to edge all the squares I had ready.

All together, including the ones I edged on Friday, I’ve made 18 squares from the donated yarn so far.  Not bad!  I’ve also got the 23 squares that I managed to make from my own leftovers, so this project seems to be ticking along quite nicely at the moment.  I now need to make more squares so that I’ve got some to edge when I go with dad to the hospital on Thursday and Friday.

Of the squares I’ve made so far, these two are my dad’s favourites:

He really, really likes the grey mix one, and I think there’s enough left to make a stripe in the middle of another squares.  He also took a particular liking to a blue multi way (is that what it’s called?) yarn, but there wasn’t enoughf of that to make a whole square so I doubled it up with a pale blue and managed to eke it out into two wide stripes as seen in the photo above.

This is challenging, but very educational.  I’m getting a chance to try out different types of yarn which I might not otherwise use (I’ll focus on those in my next update), and I’m also getting much better at gauging how many rows a given quantity of yarn will make.

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No weekword participation from me this Friday, so here’s a blanket update instead.

The beautiful Ruth, who I want to kidnap and keep as a pocket pal, sent me a parcel of wool which arrived yesterday.  Beautiful mossy colours and, bizarrely, the exact same purple yarn that Jackie also sent (exactly thes same unusual texture and everything – small world!):

Thank you Ruth for the yarn and the other bits and bobs too 🙂

I’ve managed to get quite a few squares made this week, and here’s a progress shot from yesterday:

I’ve made another two squares since that photo so it’s ticking along nicely! I took dad to the hospital today for his radiology consultation, and got a chance to edge some of the squares while I was waiting for them to finish poking and prodding and scanning him:

The edging is easy, and doesn’t require me to keep track of rows (which I struggle with unless I’m at home and can mark each row off on my spreadsheet on screen as I go along – it helps me work out how many rows per colour too).  So I’m going to save the edging for doing while I’m waiting around at the hospital, which I’ll be doing a lot of next week.  I’m glad I’ve found a way to make this blanket project more portable as it means it should progress a bit quicker!

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Following on from my post on Saturday, two more parcels full of yarn have arrived.

The first one I opened was from Nettie (who I always picture in my head as leaning nonchalently against a VW camper van – even though I’ve never seen her in such a pose!).

Dad especially likes the stripy sort of blue (left side of photo) so I guess I’ll be using that with particular care!

The second parcel was from Liz (who makes me think of cupcakes, even though she has nothing to do with them, but her username online is RubyRed and I once saw a stall with the most delicious cupcakes at Greenwich Market – by a bakery called Ruby Red… food tends to stick in my memory *blush*), and her fabulous parcel contained this lot:

Lots of lovely colours there too, and I was really chuffed with the cream as that’s what I’m edging the squares with (and will be joining them with) so I shall put that to one side for later 🙂

I’ve made a start on the yarn that arrived from Jackie and Selina and I’ll post some photos of those squares tomorrow – and now I have these two packages to play with too I’m going to sit down tonight and try and work out more colour combinations for the squares.

Thank you again to the lovely ladies who have helped me out – you’re wonderful. x

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