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I had grand plans for sketching this week.  Saturday was SketchCrawl #14, and it also happened to be Fibre-East, so of course I figured I could combine the two and have a grand day out looking at yarn, and do some sketching while I was there.

Things never seem to go as planned, do they?  Saturday was as rainy as pretty much every other day this week, so the field that it was held in was awash with mud.  The stalls were all inside marquees, but the ground was so sodden that if you stood still too long looking at things then you were in danger of sinking!

So, no sketching on site (although there was a lot of shopping… more on that next week), just a quick sketch when I got home trying to show the kaleidoscope of colours that were on display there.

Jenna over at Timballoo’s had a much more productive week, pop along and see what she’s got in her sketchbook this Sunday.

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Sketchcrawl #28

A busy day for sketching!  Today it was the 28th world wide sketchcrawl, and I stopped by very briefly on my way to meet some friends for a picnic in Green Park.

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Well, had to go to work this morning but made the most of it. A little sketch at work, then headed to the canal on the way home, but was driven back into the van by more bloody rain after only ten minutes. Gave up and went home!

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Well, today was more exciting than expected! I had to work this morning, and thus didn’t sort out to go and join in the London sketchcrawl group. I was a bit grumpy about this as I’ve NEVER managed to make it to a crawl. So, finished work early and thought I’d drive down to Portobello instead and do a bit of sketching on my own, and then call into the supermarket for groceries on the way home.

Sketched a little, then started sketching the paella stall (which has always fascinated me, even though I’ve never tried paella – it always smells so good!). The men running the stall smiled and winked, then one of them asked if I was writing a book (my sketchbook is a revamped vintage book – looks like a proper book from the outside). Nope, I’m sketching. He then asked if I would scan it and e-mail it to him when I was done, and then offered me lunch!

I was polite and said no to the food at first, but by the time I had finished the smell had made me ravenous so I shyly accepted some chicken paella. It was DELICIOUS.

Clearly I didn’t get anything else drawn after that, but what an exciting day!

The lovely paella stall is run by http://www.jamonjamon.co.uk

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