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Back in early December I decided that drawing my outfits would be good practice.  A sound theory, but although I really liked the idea of keeping a record of what I wear, I wasn’t happy with how they looked.  Back to the drawing board.

I gave up on the idea of drawing croquis from scratch each time (because, frankly, I suck at it) so got myself a template and am starting again.

ss 21-01-2018_01

ss 21-01-2018_02

ss 21-01-2018_03

ss 21-01-2018_04


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This week’s edition of “I really need to practice drawing” comes in the form of sketching my outfits.  Which I suck at, but I might try and do this more often as it is good practice and also quite interesting (for me) to see what I actually wear.  Like most people I have a lot of clothes and suspect that I barely wear half of them, so perhaps if I keep this daily outfit thing up I’ll be able to weed out the things that I really don’t need to keep!

ss 03-12-2017_01

ss 03-12-2017_02

ss 03-12-2017_03

ss 03-12-2017_04

ss 03-12-2017_05

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What a week it’s been – last week it was warm and sunny enough for me to be sitting out in the garden, and this week we’ve had snow!  Still, I’ve been keeping busy…

wip 13-03-2013_1

I’ve spent a vast amount of time cutting up cardboard boxes so that they’re ready to turn into trinket boxes.  I always use old cardboard boxes to make the layers as they’re free, which helps keep costs down, and of course repurposing/recycling is always a good thing… but finding the right sort of cardboard box is trickier than you’d think.  Ideally I like to use boxes which are quite thick, and not printed with anything too garish in case it shows through the envelopes – and whilst my local shop is happy to supply me with boxes, they aren’t always suitable.  Anyway, I’m waffling a bit but basically at the weekend I ended up with two ENORMOUS boxes from IKEA, as a friend was throwing them out.  They were too perfect to turn down, so I took them home… but they filled my studio entirely.  Not good!  Thus I have spent the best part of two days chopping them up into the right sized pieces, and then desperately trying to find room to store those pieces.

I’ve not been entirely successful, as you can see from the photo above I’m surrounded by towering piles of cardboard.  There may well be a promotion on trinket boxes running in my shop very soon!  I have made a start on making some boxes though, and the first to emerge this week was a Lord of the Rings/Hobbit themed one.

wip 13-03-2013_4

I want to make some Discworld themed ones too, but am currently stumped as to where I’ve put my Discworld stamps.  Hmm.

One last thing that’s in progress at the moment is a series of sketches – I’ll show them off properly on Sunday, but in the meantime here are the first two…

wip 13-03-2013_2

wip 13-03-2013_3

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Running late…

ss 27-01-2013

Apologies for my lousy effort this week… thankfully Jenna has some beautiful hares in her sketchbook, and Hayley has a couple of EDM challenges completed in hers.  I’m off to the seaside for a few days this week, so I will hopefully have a more interesting sketchbook by next Sunday!

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I’ve been very quiet on the blog-front this week, although I do seem to have been spending an awful lot of time on Twitter.  In the new year I’ll hopefully find a nice balance between the two.

It’s been quite a nice week: I’ve finished up with all bar one of my gardening clients for the year, so I just have one more day of gardening next week and then that’s it until January.  I’ve been out cycling, had mulled wine at the local pop up night market, and then gone back for more wine (and some delicious Spanish meats and cheeses) at their daytime market too.  Kilburn to Kensal deserve much kudos for organising such a great event.

I’m heading out shortly for another ride on my bike (making the most of the dry weather!) so without further ado here are my sketches for this week.  Don’t forget to visit Jenna at Timballoo to see what’s in her sketchbook this week.

ss 16-12-2012_1

ss 16-12-2012_2

ss 16-12-2012_3

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Another busy week here, with work, the Ideal Home Christmas show, my best friend’s (fourth!) graduation, and getting rid of a piece of furniture which resulted in two days worth of sorting, tidying, binning and recycling stuff.  On the bright side I did get a chance to doodle in my sketchbook, once while enjoying a swift half before the aforementioned graduation, and again on the tube home.

Last Sunday Jenna had a great sketch of some kiwi fruit – pop over to Timballoo to see what she’s been up to (or eating!) this week.

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At the start of January I bought these books (got to love the Amazon Marketplace, especially when the books qualify for free delivery – two books for the grand total of £4.88!).  I genuinely can’t remember why, which is a bit annoying, but I suspect it’s because I saw them mentioned somewhere and thought they were pretty…

Moving swiftly onwards… I had a quick flick through the first book (The Goddess Guide) and this page caught my eye:

It’s a section about Miss Lecroc, a woman who paints portraits of handbags and their contents.  Click here to view an article about Miss Lecroc.

This attracted me a lot, not least because it’s the sort of thing I like to do.  I did make a start on the contents of my handbag a few years ago, sketching just the bare essentials (click here to have a peek) and seeing that someone out there is actually making a living doing this has inspired me to have another go (I would never have thought that the contents of a handbag were of interest to anyone except the owner, but apparently I was wrong!).  I’ll report back during the next Sunday Sketchblog.

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