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…so here are some books that feature (reproduction postcards of) vintage advertisements.  My favourite is hands down (no pun intended) the gloves that come with a cigarette pocket.  One of my biggest bugbears is that women’s clothing rarely comes with useful pockets.  Usually the pockets on our clothes are too small to be of use or, worse, they’re FAKE pockets just added as a design feature.  Seriously, WTF?  We need pockets.  We need FUNCTIONAL pockets.  I have a whole rant on this subject but I’ll just leave you for now with what would probably be my slogan if I went campaigning: Pockets Against the Patriarchy!

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Today’s post was kindly written by Katy of Misericordia, I hope you enjoy her take on street art as much as I did.  I think my favourite has to be the thistle.  Thank you Katy for the little tour of Edinburgh, and I hope to get another guest post out of you in the future!


When Emma asked me to write about street art I have to admit that I had a bit of a panic. I’m not entirely sure how street art is defined, but I’m pretty sure that what I like and look out for isn’t quite within the usual boundaries.


So here is a guide to the sights of my Edinburgh, no Banksy-esque graffiti, just the things that I look out for as I go along.




One of the things I particularly like about Edinburgh is that evidence of previous tenants isn’t entirely obliterated as things change.


artificial limbs


It took me ages to finally work out what this sign used to say – artificial limbs (it’s just across from the Old Royal Infirmary).


I’m not too sure why this sign at Charlotte Square had to go, but there is a lovely iridescence that remains.


charlotte square


I’m not too sure what happened here (signwriter feud?), but it’s a beautiful cacophony of gilt lettering.


text layers


Another benefit of living in a city with well-preserved urban architecture is the trail of pleasant ironmongery that dots the way.




This is just one example of an ecclesiastical variety, but our way to the park (about a dozen doors) has at least eight different styles of shoe scrapers extant.


Sometimes there are small ironies (sorry) lurking in the metalwork. I always meant to take this photo when the Scottish smoking ban came in and let the profits from stock photography roll in, but it never quite happened.




Of course the thing I love most of all is text, whether decorative


nouveau letters


or enthrallingly mundane.




I could (and may well yet) write an entire blog post on my passionate affection for early 20th century institutional sign fonts. (There’s a waste paper bin at my local post office that I covet with an avidity that scares me.)


Until then, I hope you’ve enjoyed my tour of Edinburgh’s streets.

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