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Snowdrops in snow

2013-03-11 10

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Tuesday was a truly glorious early spring day: blue skies, bright sunshine, and warm enough to sit out in the garden sketching!  I had a wonderful afternoon sat outside with a cup of sweet chai and my sketchbook, and am very pleased with the results.

ss 09-03-2013_2

ss 09-03-2013_3

Not bad, eh?  After mainly using a biro for my drawings over the last four months it’s been nice returning to watercolours this past fortnight.  I didn’t ignore my biro completely though, here’s another addition to my EDM sketchbook.

ss 09-03-2013_1

Jenna had some rather lovely shoes in her sketchbook last week, I wonder what she’s got this Sunday?  Hayley I think has been a bit busy to be blogging, but go and check her blog out anyway 🙂

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Our host for February is Rachel over at The Awesome Lady, so please do pop over to her blog to find out who else is playing along.  I’m running really late with my photos this month and spent most of this morning trying to think of things to photograph – eek!



I like to jot down quotes and poems in a wee notebook, which occasionally gets flicked through when I’m looking for inspiration.  This particular notebook isn’t one of mine, it’s a Celeste Frittata creation.


Something I made

Despite the various commissions I’ve done this month, my favourite thing has been this rather frivolous use of time and paint



I love it when a new season is on the horizon: at the moment I’m enjoying early spring bulbs and watching the blossom buds start to swell on trees.



Annoyingly I did actually bake a cake this month, but failed to photograph it!  Instead here’s a quick shot of one of the many, many recipe books littering our kitchen.


Motifs: Triangles

I was really quite stuck for this subject, then I sat down at my desk in despair and when I looked up the answer was staring me in the face: kirigami, stuck to my studio wall!



Rachel will be choosing her favourites over the next week or two, so please do remember to check her blog again later this month.  The favourites from January haven’t gone up yet due to unforeseen circumstances, but Sarah over at Cinders & Rain will have them up in the next day or so.

What’s happening next month with the Crafty Photo Scavenger Hunt?  Ruth over at The Goldhawk Project is our host for March, so please pop along to her blog tomorrow and see what topics she’s chosen.

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The first snowdrops have finally flowered 🙂

24th January 2012 – “First of the  year”

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This is a two-pronged post, so whether you like gardening or notebooks (or both!) then please read on…

I spent a couple of hours tidying up my garden today and, quite apart from being amazed at how mild the weather was, I was overjoyed to see things in flower.  My garden is already coming back to life, a little ahead of schedule in some cases (Clematis viticella, I’m lookin’ at you…).  There are snowdrops up and ready to bloom, my winter flowering clematis (Clematis cirrhosa) is looking stunning, the hellebores are either already flowering or getting ready to… and, marvel of marvels, my wintersweet (Chimonanthus praecox) has finally rewarded my patience with an abundance of incredibly scented flowers.

The flowers of wintersweet face downwards, and don’t really look like much – but if you peer upwards at them you can see that they are rather beautiful:

However, as unassuming as the appearance may be, the scent is the real attraction.  A strong scent, reminiscent of jasmine, assaults you when you get within a foot of the shrub.  It’s glorious.  I mentioned being patient… I’ve waited five years for this to flower.  Well worth it, although I’m sad that my dad didn’t live to see it.

I thoroughly enjoyed the magic (or hocus pocus!) of nature today.  Seeing things coming back to life, flowers blooming on bare stems, green shoots forcing themselves through the soil – it’s all the best kind of magic there is.

The other hocus pocus this week is a notebook which I made.  It’s rather a beast, measuring 28cm x 28cm and weighing a whopping 800g:

I just had to have the paper when I saw it late last year.  The colours are fabulous, and I loved working on this.

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