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First piece found by South Kilburn Studios (Canterbury Road, NW6), and the second I think was from the canal towpath near the Ha’penny Steps/Meanwhile Gardens.

street art_193_01

street art_193_02


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This was an interesting find as I stumbled across it over a period of months, and the first couple of portraits I found were on their own and had no explanation next to them.  I eventually stumbled across the main blurb just a week before the end of the exhibition.  I didn’t manage to see them all, but you can find more information at Kit Oates.

street art_82_01

The first batch (which were actually the last ones I found) were on the side of Gloucester House, Carlton Vale (NW6).

street art_82_02

street art_82_03

street art_82_04

street art_82_05

Prior to that I had also seen one on the side of South Kilburn Studios (Canterbury Road, NW6).

street art_82_06

Finally we have the first two I spotted on Craik Court (Neville Close, NW6).

street art_82_07

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Spotted next to South Kilburn Studios, Canterbury Road, NW6.

street art_79

You’re getting two-for-one today.  I originally photographed that wall back in April, but since then the wall art has changed to this.

street art_79_02

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