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Taking inspiration from Sally, who tagged me, I picked space because it’s a word with multiple meanings, and I thought it would be interesting to see what interpretations everyone came up with.  Of course, sod’s law being what it is, I then couldn’t think what to make of it myself!

So I’m afraid it’s a bit of a dull one from me.  My studio is quite small, and because I insist on cramming so much stuff in there space is at a premium and every so often (particularly when I’ve been accumulating tat faster than I can use it up) I have to stop, evaluate everything, and then have a tidy.

It’s been more crowded than usual lately thanks to my quilting escapades.  There really isn’t room for a sewing machine and our giant sewing box down there full-time, although I do think that if I can clear enough stuff out then I can probably find room to squeeze in the sewing machine – but the sewing box will have to go back up into the house.  So I thought I should try and tidy up and streamline things a bit more.  I made a start earlier this week (I need to carry on today actually!) and had a moment of ephiphany, swiftly followed by the thought “why the hell didn’t I do this before?”

Exhibit A, above, is a random pack of Tim Holtz keyholes.  I have a lot of Tim Holtz stuff including keyholes, keys, box feet, box corners, door knobs and taps… and almost all of it comes in that hard plastic packaging, which takes up SO much room.  So I thought I’d streamline them…

Where possible I’ve removed the components from their packaging and popped them into tiny ziplock bags, keeping the little fasteners for each item together.  They’ve all since been shoved into a glass jar with some other hardware.

I’ve not been able to do it for all the hardware I’ve got (some things are just too big to fit into the jar), and other things were left in their packaging as they didn’t take up much room in the pigeonhole where they live.  I have freed up a lot of space in that pigeonhole though, and will carry on tidying today to see if I can re-jig things to free up more space.  This tidying has the extra benefit of reminding me what I’ve actually got stashed away, so hopefully I’ll find some inspiration while I’m at it!

Thanks for visiting, and please do go and see what our other Weekworders have got for us this week.  I’m tagging Carmen over at Tails of  a Biomouse to choose the next word, pop over to her blog on Monday to see what she’s picked.


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The lovely Sally over at Sow & Sew is the host this week, pop along to her blog to see who else is playing along.

When I saw the word Sally had chosen my first thought was of the birds which come to my garden.  I don’t get many (thanks to the neighbourhood cats, and a sparrowhawk…), but I do take great pleasure in watching them when they do get up the courage to visit my feeder.  Recently I’ve had great tits, and my house sparrows have appeared once more (they vanished for months after the sparrowhawk took one of them, right in front of my eyes!).

So, yes, I was going to post some photographs of the birds in my garden, but my camera isn’t very good when it’s zoomed in and the pictures aren’t great.  What to post instead then?  The answer was right in front of me.  Literally.

That drawing (pencil on paper) was done by my dad, in 1971, and it’s hanging up in my living room.  It’s been there for years, and yet I rarely notice it.  I did notice it today though, and had a proper look at it for the first time in years.  The detail is incredible, and it’s such a beautiful drawing.  I thought it would be the perfect thing for this week’s Weekword, so here it is and I hope you like it.  If you’d like to see another piece of my dad’s art click here.

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