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This is another great mural that I only found thanks to Ingress.  It’s a little difficult to find as it’s round the side of a housing estate, but if you head for Grenfell Road, W11 (just a few minutes walk from Latimer Road) it’s currently tucked away next to a building site.  This also made it a bit tricky to photograph, but here’s what I managed to get.

street art_93_01

street art_93_02

street art_93_03

street art_93_05

street art_93_04

street art_93_06

street art_93_07

street art_93_08

street art_93_08

street art_93_09

street art_93_10

street art_93_11


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I haven’t done much in the way of drawing for a while, just the odd bit here and there.  I seem finally to have got my sketch groove back on, which is a lovely feeling.

ss 30-08-2015_01

ss 30-08-2015_02

ss 30-08-2015_03

ss 30-08-2015_04

ss 30-08-2015_05

ss 30-08-2015_06

ss 30-08-2015_07

ss 30-08-2015_08

ss 30-08-2015_09

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