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Last week was tile art in Little Venice, and this week it’s street art from Venice, Italy.  I snapped these while I was on my little weekend getaway in March (wow that’s so long ago now!).  The giant hands by Lorenzo Quinn are beautiful, and you can read about them on Atlas Obscura (although they said that it would only be there until late November 2017, yet I definitely saw it in March 2018!).




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More tile art from Little Venice, these seem to change randomly so I hope I’ve not repeated any!  Last update was here.

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Some street art from Hong Kong today, courtesy of my friend Jane (who sent me loads from Glasgow a couple of years ago).

street art_210_01

street art_210_05

street art_210_04

street art_210_03

street art_210_02

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Margot of Tulsi Crafts spotted this in Rotterdam, thanks Margot!

street art_209

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Some lovely sculptural street art from Aachen, Germany.  Many thanks to Claire for this one.

street art_208

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My friend Jane has provided many great bits of street art, and she found another one in December.  This one (on the corner of Ventnor Street and Newland Avenue in Hull) is part of a Culture Cab project, which you can read about here.

street art_207

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Street Art #206

A bold and cheerful one from my friend Eleanor, who spotted this in Partition Street, Bristol.

street art_206_01

street art_206_02

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